PlayStation demand for £ 5 billion pounds

Currently, PlayStation is facing a lawsuit in the United Kingdom. On this occasion, Alex Neill, defender of consumers’ rights, accuses the company of cheating its users for alleged payments of more in the company’s digital store. In case of moving forward, the company would have to pay £ 5 billion pounds, or $ 5,899,950 of dollars.

According to VGC, Neill alleges that since 2016 the PlayStation Store has charged its users more, and it is pointed out that it does not meet the competence law, since it requires a part of money for each purchase made. In theory, This demand includes anyone who has bought any content or DLC in the United Kingdom , whose figure of affected is approximately nine million users. This was what the lawyer mentioned:

With this legal action I defend the millions of British to whom, without knowing it, they have been charged. We believe that Sony has abused its position and has scammed its customers. The game is over for Sony PlayStation.

For his part, Natasha Pearman, a partner of Neill, commented:

Sony has deployed an anti-competitive strategy that has resulted in excessive prices for customers who are out of any proportion with Sony’s costs in the provision of their services.

In the event that this lawsuit manages to advance, PlayStation will have to pay between £ 67 and £ 562 pounds in damage to the nine million users indicated . At the moment there is no official response from the company, but it is very likely that they will do everything possible to win this legal battle.

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