Wonder People, Ace Tom, and large -scale recruitment speeds up global services

-Wonder People, developers of with 4 million global participation in CBT

** -Ace Tom, Kim Yun-jong, a game developer established by the leaders of

-Game service and global business areas large-scale recruitment plan

Game developer Wonder People and Ace Tom announced today that they will hire a large scale of talent in game services and global businesses.

Wonder People is a developer established with the goal of ‘changing the world with a new game’. More than 4 million global testers participated in the global CBT to confirm the hot heat. Super People is currently in progress.

Ace Tom is a game developer founded by the protagonists who developed Dungeon & Fighter, focusing on and . From the 4th to the 10th, the first new mobile project, , was the first AT in Korea.

Wonder People and Ace Tom are the founders of Neople and the Game Development subsidiary of Wonder Holdings, founded by Hur Min, known as the father of Dungeon & Fighter.

Wonder People plans to hire a large number of experts in each field to increase the quality of game development and services thanks to the response of Super People, which has been well-received by users from all over the world. Ace Tom also recruits talented people to develop the next work.

The open recruitment field will recruit talented people of various job groups such as global business PM, service PM, community manager, and translator, including programming, planners, and art development. The introduction and explanation of the various job groups of game services can be found.

We plan to service games that will cause great repercussions in the global and domestic game markets by recruiting key talents that can grow with new talents.

Kim Yun-jong, CEO of Ace Tom, said, We will showcase Ace Tom’s enthusiasm for creating a game that will make people happy.

Application for support can be carried out through the recruitment platform such as Wonder People Recruitment Officer **, Game Jobs, Job Korea, and Human.

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