The dedication 2 ends, the adventure that contains with more than 80 streamer as Ded, Juansguarnizo, Rivers

After 30 days of challenges and adventures we reached the end of one of the most beloved series of the community, the dedication had more than 80 streamers participating to find the treasures of the roulette that would allow them to defeat their eternal rival, with great value and Force the protagonists were able to excel and survive after so much days, with some very painful casualties the experience left great teachings.

Throughout the great journey of the adventurers we could see alliances and betrayals and even otters were part of the show that could be enjoyed, it all started with the fall of a meteorite but thanks to the magic of the roulette the world not It ended there, the fallen had to face others in the Gulag, an intermediate world where the victors could return to life.

With the passing of the days, eon The otter managed to give them information on how When defeating it would give them more clues to advance in the search for the pieces of the roulette. After that they had to face ants that caused tremors on earth and the elementary infinity to get more pieces that would help them in their adventure.

An eon kidnapping caused the adventurers to have to travel to the skies using a magical seed where our otter chief had been possessed by the evil of Reviil, after an intense battle the players could save it, however, evil He escaped to continue stalking them. The next search was in the honeycomb of Mielissa that defeating the bees and joined the contest of the participants.

With a collision of dimensions eon faced reviil to obtain the final piece of the roulette that would give them the possibility of ending evil but our antagonist would not agree, since it would open the doors of the Hell to send the participants where I would seek to end them using the Netheritan that it would be difficult to defeat but the adventurers managed to get victorious, however, Eon would sacrifice to defeat the great evil that inhabited the lands.

Thanks to the power of the participants they managed to resurrect Eon to end the adventure, after several deaths, laughs, traumas, adventures and others, the dedication 2 comes to an end with a great reception of both the creators of content and of the people who managed to spend everything that was lived over 30 days with an advertisement that they are working on a third edition that will come out in 2024.

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