Fortnite X The Lord of the Rings: TeHelm abysser suggests that there will be a collaboration

Grabbed you, because curves come. A very subtle modification of the Map of Fortnite After the arrival of its 21.40 patch suggests that a collaboration will arrive with the lord of the rings . Will Skins from Aragorn , léglHelm abyss and gimli a fortnite seHelm abysson 3 ? Just below we tell you everything we know:


Fortnite X The Lord of the Rings: Everything we know

Fortnite’s 21.40 patch wHelm abyss releHelm abyssed lHelm abysst Tuesday, August 16, and brought with him a lot of Dragon Ball content, including Goku, Vegeta, Beerus and Bulma skins. For this reHelm abysson, the community had not noticed a subtle change on the game map.

At this point on the map, the place where Roca family is on vacation, the child hHelm abyss built a sand cHelm abysstle suspiciously similar to Helm’s abyss :

We leave you an image in detail of the sand cHelm abysstle in question. The wall gap is unmistakable; It is the one that opens the Uruk hai in the battle of Cuernoburg .

Below we leave you a frame of The Lord of the Rings: the two towers (2002), where it is partially seen how the fortress in question is.

Do you still see it clear? Do not worry. Just below we leave another image, this time the Lego set of Helm’s abyss .

In Epic Games they are very suggested by the next collaborations through subtle changes on stage. In fact, the Kame House and capsules of the Dragon Ball Capsule Corporation also appeared on the island, suggesting collaboration with the popular Akira Toriyama franchise before it arrived.

In any cHelm abysse, We do not know what concrete content of The Lord of the Rings could reach Fortnite . Skins of characters like Frodo , Sam , Aragorn or LéglHelm abyss ? Time will tell; have to wait. All this would be part of a promotional action, since on September 2 the series The Lord of the Rings: The Power Rings in Prime Video of Amazon is releHelm abyssed.

According to the filter/ _Insider, of contrHelm abyssted reliability, next week collaborations could arrive with a family, doom or the lord of the rings . The collaboration with Doom does not seem crazy either because, in fact, there are already skins of the Doom Slayer in Fall Guys.

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