Slime ranch game SLIME RANCHER 2 September 23 to early access distribution. Punipuni training and adventure on the rainbow island

Indie Studio Monomi Park announced on August 19 that it will launch Slime Rancher 2 early on September 22, local time. According to the store page notation, it is expected to start distribution on the 23rd in Japan time. The compatible platform is PC (Steam/Epic Games Store/Windows 10)/Xbox Series X | S, which is provided for Xbox Game Pass from the release date.

Slime Rancher 2 is a first-person slime capture and training game. The stage of this work is an island called Rainbow Island. There is a variety of locations in this land. The slimes that live there are also abundant personality. The protagonist builds a beautiful greenhouse in such a colorful paradise, gathers slime, builds ranches, and promotes farming. There are also ancient civilizations and mysteries on the island. Such a location adventure is one of the attractions. There are also elements that collect currency through slime breeding, etc., and upgrade equipment and farms.

The previous work SLIME RANCHER is a very popular work. The work is currently collecting 82,750 user reviews on Steam, and 97 % of the popular overwhelmingly popular status. More than 2 million copies have been recorded in total. Slime Rancher 2 is a new work that fans are expected. In this work, Beatrix Lboo is the main character following the previous work, while a number of new slime has inhabited the new stage Rainbow Island. You can enjoy breeding new species such as elastic cotton slime and aquatic slime. In addition, the graphic surface has been improved, and in various images, the liquid expression etc. can be seen significantly increased. The adventure and farm life on the new stage seem to be drawn vividly.

This work is expected to be about 18 months from the release as an early access distribution period. The content of the distribution start stage is that there is a content that allows you to explore a wide world and enjoy a combination of multiple types of slime. It also seems to be implemented by the introduction of the story and the secreted mystery search. Additional content such as slime, materials, gadgets, and areas will be implemented at any time for the official release. The developer also said that early access distribution in the previous work Slime Rancher has achieved great results that leads to the quality of the entire game. The fact that this work will be distributed early is probably based on such experiences. This work will be sold at the same price as early access after the official release.

SLIME RANCHER 2 is scheduled to be distributed early on September 23, Japan time. The compatible platform is PC (Steam/Epic Games Store/Windows 10)/Xbox Series X | S, which is provided for Xbox Game Pass from the release date.

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