Fortnite: The best place where you can jump on Crash Pad, Slurpshroom and off -road tires in one match

Fortnite is a great game in the Royal Battle genre, which continues to remain popular thanks to its constantly changing content: cards, characters, objects and quests. Fortnite quests throw a call to the players during the game, but also give awards, giving them XP, and sometimes unique game items. Quests can be any: from the use of a certain weapon to destroy or simply bouncing from various objects around the world, such as the rebound from the emergency site, Slurpshroom and off-road tires in one match. These objects can be quite scattered around the world, so it may be difficult to get to them all in one game. Here is the best way to fulfill this quest!


Slorpgribe *: Around the Waterfall of Reality and Bold Roshch
off-road tires : at any gas station
Emergency pads: Around the beach of the sanctuary

Several Slurpshroom and Off-Road tires are available on the map, but very little Crash Pads. Unfortunately, Crash Pads can usually be found only around the Sanctuary beach, on the opposite side of Reality Falls, where Slurpshrooms grow. This means that in order to complete them all in one match, you need to hit objects as close to each other as possible.

How to jump on Crash Pad, Slurpshrooms and Off-Road Tires in Fortnite

Since these elements can be quite scattered from each other, you need to perform them effectively, step by step, which will allow you to complete them all as quickly as possible. Since most of the gas stations are installed for off-road tires, it will be easier for you to take this step along the way. Here are the steps that you can perform to complete them all in one match:

1. * Cut into the emergency site in the water around the sanctuary.
2. Use the fault on the island of Avvanpost next to the sanctuary.
3. Stop at a dressing on the way to the reality waterfall to ride off-road tires.
* 4. Jump on Slurpshroom near Reality Falls

This is the only way to effectively fulfill this quest in Fortnite. However, you can find other ways to perform it at other stages or in different places. Let us know if it worked for you in the comments below or if you switched it!

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