Dark Survival Horror LoggerHead Steam Page Released -For Silent Hill and Bio favorite gamers

Indie Velopper AFFORDABLE_CAT has announced that it will release the survival horror loggerhead on Steam.

This work is set in Australia in the 1980s. It is a classic survival horror that operates the two playable characters, DAZZA or TRACE, solves the mystery on the fixed camera angle screen, and advances the story. The development is being developed alone, and gamers who love Silent Hill and Resident Evil will feel as if they are at home.

In 1985, a serial murder case at Boggaroga Creek occurred, and people are scared of fear. The municipality that sees the situation is close to the campsite, but a year later, Dazza and Trace, invited to the weekend camp, step into Boggarogga Creek. There are many places where there are many places where you can explore, but there are weapons such as churches, bars and guns, but bullets need to be used carefully.

LoggerHead, which is also available in multi-ending, will be released on PC (Steam) in July 2023.

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