How to get Maglev Stalker at Tower of Fantasy

In the classic style, Mmorpg Tower of Fantasy encourages players to overcome huge distances to collect a variety of resources and components. Many components are not guaranteed to fall out, so players will often return to certain POI to farm objects. Fortunately, players can unlock vehicles and sled animals that will help them stylishly overcome long distances. However, in order to unlock the mounds, you must first collect the necessary components for him. One of these components is Maglev Stalker, which is used to unlock Chaser mounting. In this guide, we will tell you how to find a stalker on Muggle in Tower of Fantasy.

How to find a stalker on Muggle in Tower of Fantasy

Maglev Stalker is a component necessary for unlock pursuer . When the player meets and wins Brother of the parasites they will get a chance to get Maglev Stalker . However, due to the fact that this is an object with a low probability of falling out, players may have to defeat a parasitic brother several times to get it. In addition to Maglev Stalker, players will also need to find magnetic rod to unlock the Chaser mount.

where to find The Vermin Brothers in Tower of Fantasy

As mentioned above, the players will have a chance to get Maglev Stalker, defeating a parasite brother. The most ideal place for the search for a parasitic brother at an early stage is a rat lair: creaky which is located southwest of the arena of the arena in Astra . As soon as you get to the place, you will find a parasitic brother on the podium in front of the basket. In addition, you will also find three more parasitic brothers in bangs region. One of the parasitic brothers can be found in Ankorville one in ruins of the signaling station and the other aside east of Doc Loen .

To defeat the parasitic brothers is a rather simple task. However, keep in mind that Maglev Stalker is a rare item, and you may have to defeat the parasitic brothers several times before you can get it. Fortunately, after the defeat, the parasitic brothers will again be surrendered after a certain period of time.


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