Minecraft: All trophies & achievements at a glance

In this trophy guide to Minecraft we tell you:

  • How many trophies there are in Minecraft on Playstation
  • What successes you expect on the Xbox
  • What you have to do to get all the successes

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there are so many trophies & achievements in Minecraft

On the PS4 and PS5 you can unlock a total of 138 trophies in Minecraft . These are divided as follows:

85x bronze *
38x silver
14x gold
* 1x platinum

TIP : For the platinum trophy you only have to collect the 50 trophies from the main game. You do not need the trophies from the expansion packages.

On Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X you can collect 122 successes that give you a total of 2,820 points in the Gamerscore **.

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Minecraft: All bronze trophies

Most bronze trophies in Minecraft lead you through the beginning of the game and give you good ideas for crafting recipes.

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
Inventory Open your inventory. Bronze 10
Tapped three times on wood Beat against a tree until a wooden block jumps out. Bronze 10
Advanced craft / workbench building Make a workbench from four blocks of wooden boards. Bronze 10
Good luck for! Make a pointed hoe from wood and sticks. Bronze 10
Hot matter Make an oven from 8 quarry stone blocks. Bronze 15
Blacksmith Milz an iron bar. Bronze 15
Start to field! Make a hoe from wood and sticks. Bronze 10
Baker Bake a bread from wheat. Bronze 15
The lie Bake a cake made of wheat, sugar, milk and eggs! Bronze 30
Technical progress Make a better pointed hoe. Bronze 15
Delicious fish Channel and fry a fish! Bronze 15
To the weapons! Make a sword from wood and sticks. Bronze 10
Monsterjäger Attack a monster and kill it. Bronze 15
Kuhschubser Profit leather. Bronze 15
Alphawolf Friends with five wolves. Bronze 20
Well equipped Make a copy from every tool (1 pick-up hoe, 1 spade, 1 ax and 1 hoe). Bronze 15
For shooting Build a donor. Bronze 20
In the Nether Produce a Nether portal. Bronze 30
Sharfers Kill a skeleton with an arrow from over 50 meters away. Bronze 30
Diamonds! Create diamonds using your iron tools. Bronze 20
Play with the fire Easier a loan about her rod. Bronze 20
Alchemy Bride a potion. Bronze 15
The end. Killed the end kite. Bronze 40
Wizard Build a magic table. Bronze 20
Master of the fight Cause nine hearts damage with a single blow. Bronze 30
Librarian Build bookshelves to improve your magic table. Bronze 20
Breeding Breed two cows with wheat. Bronze 15
Diamonds for you! Throw with diamonds for another player. Bronze 15
Pork chop Cook and eat a piece of pork chop. Bronze 10
How time flies Games for 100 days. Bronze 20
Archer Kill a creeper with arrows. Bronze 10
Pop planter Make a flowerpot and place it. Bronze 15
Schilderwald Make a sign and place it. Bronze 15
Strong stomach Hold on starvation with rotted meat. Bronze 20
Scher yourself to the sheep Use scissors to get wool from a sheep. Bronze 15
Stay cool Swim in Lava while you have the fire resistance effect. Bronze 20
Bruchsteinreich Disade 1,728 fragments and put them in a chest. Bronze 20
Renewable energy Coal tree trunks with charcoal to produce more charcoal. Bronze 10
Music in my ears Play a record in a turntable. Bronze 20
Bodyguard Create an iron golem. Bronze 20
Eisenmann Wear complete iron armor. Bronze 15
Löwenjäger Win the trust of an ocelot. Bronze 15

Minecraft: All silver trophies

For the silver trophies you have to go in the dangerous Nether and destroy a ghast with a fireball.

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
When pigs fly Ride a pig with a saddle, and then add damage to him while riding. Silver 40
Back to the sender Destroy a ghast with a fireball. Silver 30
Adventure time Discover 17 of the 40 biomes. Silver 40
The Feilscher Receive 30 SMARAGDE by trading in villagers or mining. Silver 30
Rainbow collection Want to collect in all 16 colors. Silver 30

Minecraft: gold and platinum trophies

Be nice to the NPCs and heal the zombie villagers using a throwing potion of the weakness and a golden apple-this is rewarded with Minecraft with the gold trophy Zombie Doctor .


Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
Clear the path! Travel with a lore at least 500 meters in one direction. Gold 40
The end? Enter a end portal. Gold 20
Zombie doctor Heal a zombie villager. Gold 40
Receive all trophies All trophies were preserved. Platinum

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Extension package 1: Trophies & Achievements

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
The beginning? Spawne the Wither. Bronze 20
Trend colors Color all 4 different parts of the leather armor. Bronze 15
Trampoline Lasse 30 blocks bounce up from a block of slime. Bronze 15
The beginning. Kill the Wither. Silver 40
Overpowering Eat an emergency apple. Silver 30
Lighthouse keeper Create a beacon and generate it completely with energy. Gold 60

Extension package 2: Trophies

The following successes are no longer included in the new Xbox version **.

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
Amor Kill 2 players in a public battle mining game with a bow and arrow. [Only in editions] Bronze
Hunger damage Kill a player in a battle mini name while you are hungry. [Only in editions] Bronze
Dig! Open all chests in one round in a Battle-Minigame-Arena. [Only in editions] Bronze
The student… Win a public battle mini name. [Only in editions] Silver
This is just a scratch Submit 100 damage in a public battle mining in one round. [Only in editions] Silver
… has become a master Winning 3 public battle minigames in a row. [Only in editions] Gold

Extension package 3: Trophies & Achievements

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
Dry period Dry a sponge in an oven. Bronze 15
The end… again… Let the end kites appear again. Silver 30
Peppermint pleasing? Collect Drachenatem in a glass bottle. Silver 30
Overhaul Flying with elytres with more than 40 m/s through a gap that measures 1 times 1 block. Gold 30

Extension package 4: Trophies & Achievements

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
Super fuel Heat an oven with lava. Bronze 20
Saddle up Tame a horse. Bronze 20
Well camouflaged Done a creature while you wear the same head. Bronze 30
Free divers Stay under water for 2 minutes. Silver 20
Poison with poison / antidote Poison a witch with a throwing potion. Silver 20
Beam me up Teleport yourself through a single throw of a end pearl over more than 100 meters. Silver 20
Card room Hanging 9 fully explored, adjacent cards in 9 item frames in the square (3 x 3). Silver 40

extension package 5: trophies

The following achievements are no longer included in the new Xbox version **.

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
Risen from the dead Winning 3 rounds in a row after one of the opponents won 2 rounds. [Only in editions] Bronze
Snow plow Thrusts three players with snowballs in a single public game round in the lava. [Only in editions] Bronze
Oberherr Stay in a round of the tumble minigam with snowballs on the top level. [Only in editions] Bronze
Underdog Win a tumble game while you are in a tumble mini game with snowballs on the lowest level. [Only in editions] Bronze
Snow without balls Win a snowball round without throwing a single snowball. [Only in editions] Silver
Snowstorm Meet a single player with 25 snowballs in a public round. [Only in editions] Silver
From the fire Meet a player with a snowball while you fall in Lava. [Only in editions] Silver

Extension package 6: Trophies & Achievements

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
Great view up here Do 50 blocks float before the attacks of a Shulker. Bronze 20
Slow change Color your bed in a different color. Bronze
On the leash / that speaks for me Guide a caravan with at least 5 llamas. Bronze 20
Let go now Run at least 1 block on frozen water in the deep ocean with the ice skaters. Bronze 20
The deep end Defeat a guard elder. Silver 30
Equipping death Use the totem of immortality to escape death. Silver 30
It’s bad Defeat a magician. Silver 30

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Extension package 7: Trophies & Achievements

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
Cucumber group Place four sea cucumbers in one block. Bronze 20
Alternative fuel Use a dried seaweed block in the oven as a fuel. Bronze 20
Stranded I only eat seatang for three days. Bronze 20
Sleep with the fish Stay under water for a whole day without using pots. Silver 30
Echo location Feed a dolphin with raw cod so that he leads you to a treasure. Silver 20
Meal electricity Activate an aquiser. Gold 50

Extension package 8: Trophies & Achievements

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
Sea biologist Collect any fish in a bucket. Bronze 20
Cloud scratch / roof of the world Build a tower made of scaffolding with which you can reach the maximum possible height. Bronze 20
Where did you put? Receive a gift from a tamed cat in the morning. Bronze 20
Take a barrel roll! Use pull to give yourself a thrust. Silver 30
Ahoi! Discover a shipwreck. Silver 20
Zoologist Breeding two pandas with bamboo. Gold 40

Extension package 9: Trophies & Achievements

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
Organizational talent Name a shulker box with an anvil. Bronze 30
Fruit of the loom Make a banner with an enchanted apple. Bronze 20
Atlantis? Find an underwater ruin. Silver 20
A thousand paws Friends with twenty stray cats. Silver 20
The seven oceans Visit all ocean biomes. Gold 40

Extension package 10: Trophies & Achievements

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
Disenchanted Use a grindstone to get experience from an enchanted object. Bronze 20
Bad end Kill a looting captain. Bronze 20
Shake alarm! Learning the bell when an opponent is in the village. Bronze 20
We are under attack! Desire a looter robbery. Bronze 20
Down with the beast! Defeat a devoter. Silver 30
Business Act with the best possible price. Gold 50

Extension package 11: Trophies & Achievements

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
Fracht station Bring an object from a freight lore into a chest with a funnel. [Only in Dreat] Bronze 15
Everything melts! Connect three chests with a single oven with three funnels. [Only in Dreat] Bronze 15
Artificial selection Breed a mule from a horse and a donkey. [Only in Dreat] Bronze 30
Rabbit season Cook and eat a piece of rabbit meat. [Only in Dreat] Bronze 15
Inception / the beginning Press a piston with a piston and then pull the original piston with this piston. [Only in Dreat] Silver 20
Treasure hunter Getture a card from a cartograph villager and then enters the structure covered. [Only in Dreat] Silver 40
My darling! Grave a treasure. [Only in Dreat] Silver 30
Master dealer Handle were worth 1,000 emeralds. [Only in Dreat] Silver 30

Extension package 12: Trophies & Achievements

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
Suppenkasper Give someone a suspicious soup. [Only in Dreat] Bronze 20
BIENE-VENU Use a campfire to collect a little honey from a beehive in a glass without anger. [Only in Dreat] Bronze 15
Complete summary Use cautiousness to move a bee nest with 3 bees inside and place it elsewhere. [Only in Dreat] Silver 30
Sticky affair Jump into a honey block to slow down your case. [Only in Dreat] Silver 30

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Extension package 13: Trophies & Achievements

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
Before hit Meet the center of the destination for a target block. [Only in Dreat] Bronze 15
Oh, like golden! Disconnect a pig with gold. [Only in Dreat] Silver 30
Tourist hotspot Visit all Nether-Biome. [Only in Dreat] Silver 30
Rümmermode Wear a complete armor set made of Netherit. [Only in Dreat] Gold 50

Extension package 14: Trophies & Achievements

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
Mowing-like a lot of water fun Climb into a boat and paddle with a goat. Bronze 20
Like waxes Apply wax to all copper blocks and remove it again. Bronze 30
The healing power of friendship Together with an Axolotl and win a fight. Gold 30

Extension package 15: Trophies & Achievements

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
Only listen to music! Spread with the sounds of a record player Frohsinn on the meadow. Bronze 10
Dealers under the stars Handle on the maximum height with a villager. Silver 20
Almost like at home Make a ride over a lava lake on the upper world with your ride and cover a distance of 50 meters. Silver 20
Caves and cliffs Falls in free fall from the maximum height to the lowest point in the world and survive the whole. Gold 30

Extension package 16: Trophies & Achievements

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
It spreads Kill a mob next to a catalyst. Bronze 10
Birthday song Let an allay fall on a notepad. Bronze 10
Sneak 100 Sleach yourself next to a Sculk sensor without triggering it. Bronze 10
With united forces! Have all three frog lights in your inventory. Gold 30

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