10 games that desperately need Steam Deck support

It is easy to get lost in the abundance of games available in the Steam library and also quite challenging to realize what is missing in the first place.

There is an extensive list of games that I could imagine as a perfect experience on the last Steam platform, Steam Deck, but they are not officially compatible.

There are many fun verified games for Steam Deck at this time, and in this article, we will list another 10 games that desperately need the Steam Deck support.

Darker dungeon

Games that need compatibility with Steam Deck

Darkest Dungeon can easily be considered a cult classic with his faithful followers; The game, although easy to learn, provides an intricate level of depth and is quite difficult.

Darkest Dungeon, a true rogue, will force you to check all your actions three times. It is an extremely pleasant, artistic and gothic role role-playing game. Due to its simple but visually attractive and detailed mechanics, Darkest Dungeon would be a pleasant game to play from the comfort of his bed.

Providing a lot of content and DLC, Darkest Dungeon would be a great game verified for Steam Deck.

Kill Floor 2

Games that need compatibility with Steam Deck

Killing Floor 2 is a fantastic game of first-person shooting online based on waves originally released in 2016. With six years of continuous updates, there is a wide range of content available from weapons, maps, masks, game modes, etc., etc., available.

The game shows an impressive physics and dismemberment. With a very modified unreal engine and Nvidia characteristics, the game still remains visually today. Killing Floor 2 would easily create a way to scratch that wave-based survival itching from any place of Steam Deck.

V ascending

Games that need compatibility with Steam Deck

V Rising was a recent launch and exploded in Steam during its first month. It is still played very actively and enjoyed a lot.

In a nutshell, it is an ARPG of vampiric and isometric survival with a boss plethora. It has PVP (if you choose) and elaboration designed to immerse yourself. The game is extremely fun and, although it appears as a playable, it would be a fantastic addition to Steam official verified games for Steam Deck.

Far from home? Turn on your deck and gather resources to maintain your base, get a quick fight, navigate or anything else.

Cavalry 2

Games that need compatibility with Steam Deck

Chivalry 2 was obviously built to work well with the controllers, and the combat does not disappoint.

The game, widely available on almost all platforms, is the number one experience to which you can jump if you long for a well-made melee fight. From a competitive point of view, there should be no problems competing with the opposition in this friendly game with the controller.

An excellent option to participate in a medieval quality combat, Chivalry 2 would be an additional addition to the verified list.

Mass Effect: legendary edition

Games that need compatibility with Steam Deck

A classic role of third-person shooting role for a single high quality player that would provide an immersive world for anyone to immerse in Steam Deck.

Bioware is known for a large selection of role-playing games for a player, and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is no exception. With a great story of the three games, renewed graphics and pleasant fighting and missions, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition would be an easy option for Steam Deck if I were looking for a game for a single player in which to invest his time.

Grand Theft Auto V

Games that need compatibility with Steam Deck

A fully developed sandbox environment with endless content and online experiences, specifically designed for the use of the controller: what could a better game do for the last Steam platform? Grand Theft Auto 5 currently appears as playable for the deck; However, it has problems with the user interface: small text, incorrectly scaled menus, etc. This game, for obvious reasons, deserves the proper support of Steam Deck.

Who would not want to steal a bank and escape madly from the law in the comfort of your own bed?

Civilization VI

Games that need compatibility with Steam Deck

The last of the series, Civilization VI, is a fantastic way to manage peacefully (or not) a kingdom and work to achieve specific objectives. It is nice to spend time playing and it is generally a relaxing experience. With simplified user graphics and interface, it would be great to manage your personal empire while traveling, in a comfortable position or if you are away.

With some small adjustments aimed at enjoying a pleasant Steam Deck Deck, Civilization VI would be a fantastic addition to the list.

Destination 2

Games that need compatibility with Steam Deck

Destiny 2 is a first-person action MMO, multiplatform and free created by bungie that has constantly evolving content in a persistent online world. The game usually retains hundreds of thousands of players at a given time, with the possibility of joining your friends on any platform from anywhere.

Unfortunately, it has no support for Steam Deck in any way. Being able to continue progressing in a character in which you are working, or simply join your friends to have fun on a specific night, it would be a valuable addition to the available games library.

Xcom 2

Games that need compatibility with Steam Deck

The original XCOM is genuinely one of the best mobile experiences (also in a variety of platforms) that it can get on its tablet; It is not necessary to say that Xcom 2, based on the same mechanics with better graphics, would be a phenomenal experience for Steam Deck.

Xcom 2 is a beautiful game with a great campaign, game mechanics and a unique and pleasant management experience outside the fight. Errors have consequences and successful missions are gratifying.

Ascent of the monster hunter

Games that need compatibility with Steam Deck

If you are a fan of exaggerated boss battles, creation and combat based on action, then Monster Hunter Rise is probably yours! Originally released for Nintendo Switch, the game was then carried to Steam for PC users. With the most robust hardware of Steam Deck, in theory you should get better fps and battery life for a game designed for a similar control scheme.

The game also has online multiplayer.

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