Nexon donates 100 million won for support for the disabled Dungeon & Fighter Mobile

[Tourism Organization Moon Young-soo] Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) held a donation ceremony for the Korea Tourism Organization (President Shin Sang-yong) and a donation ceremony to support the disabled, and delivered 100 million won to Green Light (Chairman Kim Sun-kyu).

Nexon and Korea Tourism Organization signed a business agreement on June 21 on the promotion of domestic and foreign tourism and expanding tourists using game contents.

In response to the Korea Tourism Organization, Nexon held the Dungeon & Fighter Mobile X Korea Tourism Organization Donation Event from June 30 to July 14. The company raised donations by selling the creature ‘Mascot Hojongi’ and the title ‘Feel the Rhythm of Korea’, which utilizes the representative character of the Korea Tourism Organization in Dunpa Mobile Game.

The donation event, which was held as a social contribution activity to revitalize the Korean tourism sector, continued to participate in Dunpa Mobile users, and achieved the biggest target of 100 million won. The full donation will be delivered to Green Light, a corporation, and will be used for support projects for the ‘Barrier Free’ for the disabled.

Greenlight selects related organizations and enters full-scale support for the disabled in September. Travel destinations include Yeosu, the background of the ‘Feel the Rhyth of Korea’ collaboration video of Dunpa Mobile, and Chuncheon, which has a barrier free tourist attraction.


Choi Sung-wook, general manager of Nexon Public Singrive, said, Thanks to the adventurers who loved Dungeon & Fighter Mobile, I think it is meaningful to contribute to social contribution activities for travel-free travel support for people with disabilities. We will continue to seek ways to return to the community.

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