Blockbuster reactive your social networks after years

One of the most important chains in history at the time was Blockbuster, a franchise that reached hundreds of countries to provide fun to families with video game income, movies and more. And now, after their social networks will stop being active for a long time, it seems that they are back to give an important ad.

Through their official Twitter account, they released a message that says we returned from the grave this accompanied by the gif of a zombie of some old film, very similar to one that appears in Abracadabra of Disney . And before this, some fans have wondered what this publication means, many of them suspecting that the company could return.


In previous reports, it had been mentioned that the company could have been involved in matters of NFT , or would also have entered the cryptocurrency market, something that could not be proven. Although it would also be a test by Dish Community, company that currently has the rights of blockbuster and is handling the Netflix series.

Speaking of the latter, it was promised that there would soon be advances of the television program, and this indicative would be the clear sign that a trailer would be released within the celebration of the San Diego Comic-Con 2022 . However, everything is speculation, so we must wait for future updates by this nostalgic video rent company.

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