Zynga delays Star Wars: Hunters until next year

Through the statement you have above, Zynga has announced a delay for the launch of Star Wars: Hunters . Although until now it was scheduled for 2022, they have now moved their premiere until 2023, when it will presumably come out for Nintendo Switch , iOS and Android .

This Free-to-Play was initially presented in February 2021 to leave during that same year, later it had to be delayed until this year. In this case, they tell us that, although they are working tirelessly to achieve the result they are looking for to create a competitive field game that entertains over the next few years, they will not in time to meet their quality standards. To make sure we meet the high expectations we are establishing for fans worldwide and for ourselves as developers, we have made the decision to delay the worldwide launch of Star Wars: Hunters, we read in the statement.

The title, developed by NaturalMotion Games, a United Kingdom Development Study owned by Zynga, will propose real-time battles with great sands set in iconic scenarios of the George Lucas franchise. In it, we can build a team from a cast of unique and completely new characters by Star Wars, from bold hunning to the heroes of the alliance and imperial assault soldiers.

The Star Wars saga is being highly exploited since the license was released, with a few developing games such as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the next title of Amy Hennig, the rest of the Respawn projects or the Star Wars Eclipse of Quantic Dream.

Star Wars: Hunters will be published in 2023 for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices

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