FeWC 2022: Dullenmike continues to combat

Specifically annoying: versus Christopher ‘Didychrislito’ Holly he led 3-0, yet revealed nerves and gave the success that was believed to be risk-free. Holly still got the factor. The video game against Chris was really questionable, that shouldn’t occur to FIFA professional, especially not at the World Cup, claimed Neuhausen in an interview with us. He was pleased with the group stage. He still dares to do the title: I understand that I have the abilities, however it then relies on the daily type and the video game of the video game.

With the shooting aid of the German individual, he certified as well as passed with ranking area 4. It hurts him because I started this virtually impossible catch-up..

‘Benecr7’ secured ‘Tekkz’- out.

In Team D, Neuhausen currently worked out a good starting position yesterday. Nonetheless, he had to tremble briefly today. With 2 success, 2 draws and one defeat, he slid to 4th place.

In Group D, Neuhausen currently worked out a good starting position yesterday. With two wins, 2 attracts and also one loss, he slid to fourth place.

With a win in the 3rd video game against ‘Dullenmike’ opponent Yilmaz, he sustained hopes once more. The one against Stefano ‘Pinna97’ Pinna was one as well much. Inevitably, one factor was missing to make the catch-up ideal.

FIFAE World Championships 2022.

on the subject.

Manuel ‘Bachoor’ Bachoor, Matias ‘Matiasbonanno9’ Bonanno and Christopher ‘Didychrislito’ Holly are also qualified for the knockout round. They all come from the favored team.

‘ Tekkz’ can hardly think his separation. FIFA through Getty Images.

Fifae Novice of the Year Edson ‘Edson28’ Pedro was currently hiding, but ‘Dullenmike’ made whatever clear in the direct duel. The German individual master plainly won 4: 1 and relocated right into the next round. There he will certainly fulfill Emreyilmazz Yilmaz tomorrow from 1:15 p.m.


The table circumstance for Benedikt ‘Benedikt’ Benedikt ‘Bauer was a lot a lot more tough. With 6 points he remained in the 6th area, yet only had 4 points behind 4th area. This would have been enough for qualification.

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In the following round there are Francesco ‘Obrun2002’ Pio Tagliafierro, Emre Emreyilmazz Yilmaz, Stefano ‘Pinna97’ Pinna and also Javier ‘Jra’ Romero.

The video game versus Chris was very doubtful, that should not happen to FIFA professional, particularly not at the World Cup, said Neuhausen in an interview with us. With 6 points he was in the sixth place, however only had four factors behind 4th place. After 2 trips, Hunt constantly matched, but a 3: 2 soon prior to the end was critical.

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After all: In the last game he still had a huge appearance. For superstar Donovan ‘Tekkz’ Quest, Bauer had to do with proceeding. The computation was clear: he needed to win this video game, yet farmer suffocated any raising up in Keim. After 2 excursions, Search constantly matched, yet a 3: 2 shortly before the end was vital. Although he ran again, ‘Benecr7’ countered and shut the sack with the 4: 2.

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