Genshin Impact: The most lowercase improvement of the next 3.0 patch that meets a dream of the community

Genshin Impact prepares for an update that promises to put the game upside down. The next version 3.0 will mean the arrival of Sumeru and the dendro element to the extensive world of Teyvat. New characters, exploration mechanics or artifacts are just some of the novelties of a list that promises to be immense. However, one of the additions that has revolutionized the community is the smallest of all. The filters have revealed that Hoyover will implement a great improvement to the equipment tab .

A small, but very demanded adjustment in the community

The first measure of Hoyverse will be to expand the maximum number of pre-designed equipment. Currently, we can only prepare four different formations. The number has not increased since the launch despite the fact that the available characters have tripled. Thus and always as the leaks point out, the players can now have ten templates ready to jump to the battlefield . Perfect to prepare different strategies for various alternating domains for puzzles that require different elements in exploration or alternating among our favorites.

In addition to this system, a very important improvement of quality of life has also been pointed out. In a way that has not yet been revealed, Hoyverse intends to make the changes between the equipment much more fast . It has not yet been revealed how we will change equipment, but there are probably more shortcuts and perhaps it is not necessary to open the options menu as until now. The truth is that, although it is not a very serious problem, Genshin Impact players have been requesting this improvement almost since the title saw the light officially.

It is expected that this is not the only one under the sleeve of Hoyverse for update 3.0. The arrival of Sumeru provides the perfect opportunity to recruit players who have abandoned the video game and this type of improvements are a very powerful argument so that they will be set again. Together with the new missions or content, it seems that Genshin Impact undertake a great comeback that promises to return it to where it was when the month of September 2020 was ended.


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