Netmarble Seven Nights Revolution, strengthening marketing capabilities. Released on the 28th

Netmarble started various marketing activities ahead of the release of the new ‘Seven Knights Revolution’. Following the pre-booking additional event and the coffee truck event, NFT (Non-Fungible Token) charity auction is also underway.

According to the game industry on the 10th, Netmarble rolled up its arms in the final preparations for the release of ‘Seven Knights Revolution’, a new multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

‘Seven Knights Revolution’ is known as the work that maximizes the characteristics of the original ‘Seven Knights’ IP. This game gives users a special experience of becoming a Seven Knights hero, and at the same time inherits the strategic gameplay.

In addition, he emphasized the use of various weapons, the transformation of a hero, and the fun of developing and owning his own private ‘Nexus’, in addition to the splendid directing and graphics unique to the original, and engaging in various activities.

‘Seven Knights Revolution’, which is scheduled to be officially released on the 28th, is considered as a new work that will lead Netmarble’s growth in the second half of the year. Accordingly, the company is mobilizing its marketing capabilities.

First, after the pre-registration event, Netmarble also prepared various events such as the ‘7777 Senareball Expeditionary Event’ and the ‘Seven Territory Heir Qualification Test’.

The ‘7777 Senare Ball Expedition’ is an event in which a total of 7,777 users who have completed pre-registration by 11 am on the 27th will be drawn by lot and a package of 109,000 won to be presented after launch is provided free of charge. The package includes ▲ Pioneer’s Wings (Legendary Wings) ▲ 3,000 rubies ▲ 3 million gold ▲ 60 HP recovery potions ▲ 10 attack power potions.

The ‘Seven Realm Heir Qualification Test’ will be held until 11 am on the 27th by solving the quizzes presented in the seven realms in the Seven Knights worldview and obtaining the ‘Successor Certificate’ if the correct answer is correct.

If you share the issued certificate on social media, you are automatically entered into the event, and by lottery, ▲24K Seven Knights Golden Hero Card (7 people) ▲ iPad Pro (2 people) ▲ Round-trip flight ticket to Australia (1 person) ▲ Corsair HS 80 Gaming Headset (5 people) ▲ Jeju Shilla Hotel weekend accommodation voucher (2 people) ▲ Baskin Robbins family size (100 people) ▲ Starbucks Ice Americano (200 people), etc. are provided.


In collaboration with famous influencers, a coffee truck event was also held in Yangyang, Gangwon-do, following Busan, Seoul, from the 24th of last month to today. The company explained that the coffee truck event was prepared by Netmarble to repay the fans’ expectations and support before the game was released.

Here is not the end. Netmarble announced that it will issue ‘Sena Kongz’ NFT through a collaboration between Metaconz, a leading company in the domestic NFT market, and hold a charity auction event until the 30th.

‘Sena Kongz’ consists of 11 popular heroes of Seven Knights Revolution, such as Rachel, Rudy, Eileen, Evan, Jave, Spike, Ace, Karin, Chris, Sein, and Taeo, and only one is issued for each hero. It is characterized in that it is implemented in the form of PFP (Profile Picture) NFT.

This charity event will be held three times at OpenSea, a global NFT marketplace. The 1st event will be held from 10 am on the 11th to 10 pm on the 16th, the 2nd event will be from 10 am on the 18th to 10 pm on the 23rd, and the 3rd event will be from 10 am on the 25th to 10 pm on the 30th. Each runs until 10 p.m.

The auction price starts from 0.1 ETH (ETH), and the user who bids the highest amount wins the NFT. All proceeds from the charity auction event will be donated to support projects for the ICT vulnerable.

An industry official said, Seven Knights Revolution is one of Netmarble’s anticipated box office hits in the second half of the year. As it is a highly anticipated hit, marketing activities are also being strengthened.

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