The best talismans in Hollow Knight – list of Hollow Knight Charm levels

Hollow Knight provides many different assemblies that you can use when playing and exploring hallounes. First of all, this is done with the help of spells that give the knight abilities or change his skills. This may make you ask you the question of what the best spell in Hollow Knight.

List of levels of talisman of a gentle knight

Level Chara
With Dashmaster, Quick Focus, Fragile/Unbreakable Strength, Grubsong, Mark of Pride, Quickslash, Wayward Compass
And Long nail, glory to the master of the nail, Shaman stone, acute shadow, shower lord
B Flukenest, Fragile/Unbreakable Heart, Grimmchild, Hiveblood, Lifeblood Core, Spell Twister
With Dreamshield, Gathering Swarm, Grubberfly’s Edge, Johni Blasing, Lifeblood Heart, Shape of UNN, Souleater
D Fragile/Unbreakable Greed, Sprintmaster, Stalware Shell, Thorns of Agony, Weaversong
E Baldur’s shell, carefree melody, deep focus, coat of arms of the defender, the owner of dreams, the fury of the fallen, luminous womb, royal soul, sporogrib, unshakable body

All charms in the Hollow Knight rating

When placing the amulets of the hollow knight in this list, we took into account their effects, synergy with other talismans and the cost of their equipment. Here are all the spells in Hollow Knight, ranked.

All amulets of the hollow knight

Level s


Level b

Level C.

Level D

Level E

level s

Talismans of this level should almost always be equipped or combined well with other talismans. Here are our Sedusions S in Hollow Knight.


The charm of Dashmaster Charm allows the knight to use his ability to jerk more often, as it reduces the reload time.

fragile/indestructible force

Turning into spell of indestructible power, he increases the damage caused by the enemy with the nail of the knight.


The amulet of the song of larvae allows the knight to restore the soul when he is injured.

sign of pride

With the amulet of the sign of pride, the range of attacks of the knight increases significantly.

Fast focus

The spell of fast focus increases the speed with which you focus the soul, increasing the speed of your healing.

Fast Slash

With the Quick Slash spell, your attack speed increases with a nail, which allows you to strike faster.

wayward compass

The Wayward Compass amulet notes your location on the map, preventing you from getting lost.


Amulets of this level have great power and are well combined with most other amulets. Here are our talismans A in Hollow Knight.

Long Noga

The charm of a long nail slightly increases the range of your nail, but you must replace it with a sign of pride.

Glory to the Master of Manicure

The focusing rate of your manicure will be increased using the wizard talisman.

Shaman Stone

The amulet of the shamanic stone increases the strength of your spells, making them more powerful.

acute shadow

With Sharp Shadow Charm, your ability Shadow Dash causes damage to enemies.

Soul Catcher

The number of souls received when hitting the enemy with a nail will be increased by a shower catcher spell.

level b

Talismans of this level are quite good and work well with certain assemblies, but in the end they should be replaced with better talismans. Here are all amulets of level B in Hollow Knight.


Your Vengeful Spirit spell will turn into a Fluke group with Charm Flukenest.

fragile/indestructible heart

When an irrevocable heart is improved to the amulet, your health will constantly increase.


The Grimmchald amulet will place a flame on the map and allow the player to find Grimmkin.

Blood hives

With the Hiveblood Charm amulet, you will be healed gradually, without the need to focus.

The core of vitality

The amulet of vitality will give you temporary health.

Castle Master

The soul necessary for spells will be reduced with the equipment of the spell seeker.

level s

Talismans of this level should usually be used only until you get the best talismans or find niche applications. Here are all levels of level C in Hollow Knight.

shield of dreams

Dreamshield creates a soaring shield that follows the player.

collection of swarm

With Gathering Swarm you will receive a swarm of beetles that collect Geo for you.

Ostry Grubberfly

Your nail will be able to shoot an energy beam when it will have complete health with the Grubberfly’s Edge Charm equipped amulet.

Johni Blanding

Joni Blessing Charm deprives you of the ability to heal, focusing, but the knight is able to get more damage.

The heart of life force

Form of the name UNN

The Shape of UNN amulet gives you a new shape and avoids enemies.

Soul Eater

The charm of the souls of souls significantly increases the number of souls that you receive when you hit the enemy with your nail.

level D

Amulets of this level, as a rule, should not be used, unless you have additional cuts that need to be filled out. Here are all the amulets of the level D in Hollow Knight.

fragile/indestructible greed

After improving the amulet of indestructible greed will forever increase the amount of geo that you receive for the murder of enemies.


The amulet Sprintmaster will increase your walking speed.

steal shell

When hitting and receiving damage, the Strengtherary spell for a short time makes you invincible.

the spikes of agony

With the amulet of the Thoris of Agony, the enemies will receive damage when hitting you.

song of the weavers

The Waverson amulet calls on the weavers who will protect and accompany you during the study of the Hallonet.

level E

These spells should be avoided almost completely, since they simply should not be used or they can lead to bad habits. Here are all the pendants of the E in Hollow Knight.

Baldura shell

The charm of the Baldur shell gives you a protective shield during focusing.

carefree melody

The amulet Melody of carefree creates a protective song that from time to time protects you from damage.

deep focus

With the deep focus attached spell, the focusing of your soul slows down, but restores twice as much health.

Coat of arms of the defender

You emit a destructive and smelly cloud with a defender coat of arms.

the owner of the dream

The charge rate and the speed of collecting shower shower with your nail increases with the help of the talisman of the Lord of Dreams.

Fury Fur

With a low level of health, the rage of a fallen amulet increases the strength of your nail.

luminous uterus

The charm of a luminous womb slowly depletes your soul and creates chicks.

Royal Soul

The amulet of the royal soul will generate the soul over time and will allow you to access the place of birth.


With the amulet of the spore mushroom, the knight produces damaging clouds of the dispute during focusing.

H stable body

The charm of a sustainable body reduces the discharge that the knight receives when hitting the enemy.

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