The first NFT game console was announced-Police One is aimed at Web 3

The first NFT game console focused on blockchain gaming was revealed.

The Web 3 company Polum claims that its Police One Game System is the world’s first multi-chain game console that can run games built on different block chains. The company assures us that it is not difficult for web 3 traditional players to use the NFT console.

Police One is expected to be published in the third quarter of 2024. However, it will not be available to every player on the store shelves, but only those who buy a police passport can be pre-ordered. This passport is NFT in the Ethereum ecosystem, which is struck 10,000.

According to the police, the console guide has a fingerprint reader for safety reasons. In addition, there is a wallet button that quickly accesses players to the multi-chain wallet of the console. The feature is naturally designed for versatile treatment of cryptocurrency.

Discussion around NFT and block chains has swirled strong feelings for and against. Even the NFT console was not spared from crushing criticism, and some of the player audience believes that the device will never see daylight.

Some have also pointed out that the NFT console logo seems to be a upside down version of the GameCube logo. The police first responded to this criticism by defending himself, but reported that the new logo was already under construction.

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