The strongest, the virtual man, the broadcasting industry is captivating

The last desire of mankind may create creatures that surpass human beings. There are humanoid robots and virtual humans on the journey. Among them, virtual humans are drawing attention as the cyber space based on the Internet, such as methuses, evolves. It has not yet contained emotions, but it also surpasses humans in many ways in virtual space. Rather, it may be a human role model in virtual space. From the history of virtual human beings, the current activities, the salary, and their status and abilities are diagnosed four times. [Editor]

② ‘The strongest price’ virtual man, captivating the broadcasting industry

There are cases where virtual humans perform their jobs such as CF models, announcers, showhosts, and actors. The number of cases where virtual humans adopt is increased in efficient broadcasting production, as it sees marketing effects that arise due to public curiosity about virtual humans, labor costs, and not being cited in time and space.

■ Advertising Model Effect Talk… Actor and singer performance is also expected to increase

It is often noticeable that the case of using a picture of virtual humans instead of the actual advertising model is often noticeable. It is used to wear fashion accessories or use photos standing in a specific space for SNS marketing. ‘Logi’, which is the highest recognition among virtual humans currently active, has also appeared as an influencer who works around Instagram.

In particular, the retail industry, which is sensitive to marketing trends, has been actively using virtual humans. Last year, the fashion distribution platform W concept selected Rosie as an amber, and GS Retail was selected as an exclusive model this year. Online fashion platforms also introduced a virtual human being, a virtual human being modeled on the existing advertising model, on June 10.

Lotte Home Shopping is actively developing its own virtual human ‘Lucy’-based marketing. In October, it was promoted as a promotional model for its own event. The event promotion video recorded 2.2 million views.

Prepare other activities other than the advertising model. Lotte Home Shopping announced on the 27th that Lucy signed an exclusive contract with Green Snake Media, a broadcasting content producer. Lucy will be the Ssangyong Motor New Motor Presentator next month. In the second half of the year, a TV drama is also planned.

Lucy and others have been treated as an entertainment artist. Rosie released the sound source in February earlier. Music Vine, a professional professional profitability company, was in charge of planning and production. The virtual human ‘Han Yu’ developed by Smilegate also signed an exclusive contract with YG K Plus in February and released music. LG Electronics’ virtual human ‘Raa Kim’ also signed a business agreement with the entertainment company Mystic Story to act as a singer.


Eastsoft, a domestic software company, also signed a business agreement with N.CH Entertainment for the virtual human agency project last month. In the meantime, he has introduced virtual humans to replace announcers, instructors, and singers, and the goal is to develop virtual humans who can replace actors and models.

■ Faster and cheaper than people, safe broadcasting targets

Virtual human developers said that virtual humans still have a marketing effect in that they are still attracting attention from the public, and have a high demand due to their low burden than real people.

An official of Lotte Home Shopping said, As the recognition of Lucy has gained, it has come to a wide range of partnerships such as public enterprises and luxury brands. The biggest advantage is that it can also prevent risks on negative issues that can occur.

In response to the benefits of virtual human utilization, Eastsoft officials said, There is a demand for finding virtual humans in that it can reduce labor costs and maximize added value by supporting multilinguals or creating new IPs. Mentioned.

Saltlux, an artificial intelligence (AI) company, is preparing a studio web service that can produce videos based on virtual humans. Park Jae-won, a subsidiary of Saltlux’s virtual human business, said, Broadcasting performers such as famous influencers, models, and showhosts are particularly difficult to coordinate. The two sides of the performers and the company will be saved, and the cost of recruitment will be greatly reduced.

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