Sushi -eating game If you dont eat sushi soon, you will die! A serious poo bug occurs and is modified immediately. Poop that could break the world

Mr. Semen, a domestic individual developer, says on June 30, If you don’t eat sushi soon, you will die! The update was distributed for and announced on Twitter. In the update, the poo infinity production skill, which was a hotbed of bugs, was revised. Our magazine just talked about this interesting bug.

If you don’t eat sushi, you will die! Is a sushi-eating action game for PCs developed by Mr. Semen. If you do not eat sushi, you will manipulate a dying man and continue to eat sushi. As a gameplay, we will clear the tasks such as Eat Sushi of the specified number, Eat specific sushi, and reach the goal point while eating sushi gauge at the top of the screen. To go. Contrary to the surreal impression, the evaluation of this work is excellent. It was well received by nervous action and construction.

This work was distributed as a free game on December 29, last year, and a paid Steam version was released on June 22 this year. Here, some STEAM version of the STEAM version, including multilingual support and online ranking, and support for Steam functions such as online rankings. At the same time, the work itself, including the free version, has been upgraded, and multiple new elements such as true ending have been implemented. As of this work, 30 Steam user reviews are received, of which 100 % are popular. The hand in this work seemed to be smooth sailing.

Poop, destroy the boundary of the stage

However, a strange bug was discovered in this work. It is a defect related to the in-game element Unchi. This work has the ability to be called jump skills, and you can collect and purchase currency in the game. You can get useful skills for eating sushi, such as aerial dash and instant landing. And this work has a hidden jump skill, Unknown, which is an infinite production ability. This is the ability to make a jumping during a jumping, a pink stool from the player character, that is, a pink stool in a caricature. This poo will peel the fangs to developers and users in an unexpected bug.

We spoke to Mr. Semen, a developer, what kind of bugs caused by the poo and why they implemented the poo. According to him, the bug caused by the poo was a bug that poo plays the role of the hero. For example, it was possible to act like fraud using poo. Specifically, place the poo in front of the stage and enter another stage. Then, it seems that another stage was able to start with the score and goal conditions of the stage where the poo waited. As a result, it was possible to overwrite the clear time of the difficult stage at a simple stage clear time. Whether it’s a poo alter ego technique, the method is a problem that cannot be overlooked by comical.

Poop is modified immediately

And on June 30, a scalpel will enter the poo, which causes a problem. This work update 1.11 is distributed to Steam, which states that UNKO’s physical operation has been disabled. With this correction, the poo has been stripped of physical operations and the bugs seem to be sealed. In addition, it seems that there are many mysteries why the poo did the behavior as described above. However, Mr. Semen is confused, I guess she’s eating sushi instead of the hero (that’s not the case).

Why did you implement the infinite generation function in the first place? And he answered, I thought it was interesting… In addition, the reason for the introduction of physical operations in the poo was I thought it would be interesting if the poo rolled… The poo who put it in the game because he thought it was good, called an unexpected bug.

Discovering and investigating the cause of the poop bugs seems to have contributed by Nore139, a domestic speed runner who also captures Deeeer Simulator. According to him, the poo had the same attributes as the hero. Therefore, he also researched whether poo eating sushi. However, it seems that poo could not eat sushi. Due to this achievement, Nore139 has been praised by the name of the poo in the game.

However, Mr. Semen added for fun. However, the poo performed unexpectedly and was immediately deprived of physical operations. With his quick response, he became able to get the poo with peace of mind.

If you don’t eat sushi, you will die! The paid version is currently on sale at Steam for 410 yen. The free version is being distributed on Mr. Semen’s personal site, Damn. However, the new work, Games that help the macho sandwiched between the ceiling of the gymnasium by Mr. Semen, is also on sale at Steam for 200 yen, and the free version is being distributed on BOOTH.

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