Wimbleworld codes (June 2022)

Roblox Wimbleworld is an experience based on the celebration of a famous tennis tournament, which is held every year. In the game, you can play tennis against other players and computer AI. Gather as many coins as possible to get new items, and look if you find yourself on the central court, playing against the best players in the world!

If you are looking for a freebie, you can find it with our Wimbleworld codes. If you do not know how to activate codes in Wimbleworld, you can find out how to do this under the list of codes! Do not forget to add this page to the favorites by clicking Ctrl + D on the keyboard or by pressing the Add to bookmarks button on a mobile device.

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All Wimbleworld codes

The last codes

Expensible codes

Frequently asked questions about Wimbleworld

How to activate codes in Wimbleworld?

Where can I get more codes for Wimbleworld?

All Wimbleworld Codes

We have the latest working codes listed below for Roblox Wimbleworld. They can be exchanged for Wimble Bux, which can be used to buy game items. You will want to use them as soon as possible, because the validity of the codes expires after a certain period of time.

the last codes

* Supervimblebax -80 Wimble axle

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Expensity codes

  • Exhausted codes are not yet!

Frequently asked questions about Wimbleworld

How to activate codes in Wimbleworld?

To activate codes in Roblox Wimbleworld, you just need to take the following steps:

  1. Open Roblox Wimbleworld on your PC or mobile device.
  2. Click on the menu button on the side of the screen
  3. Click on the gift icon in the menu

4. Copy the code from our list
5. Enter it in a text field
6. Click the checkmark button to get a reward!

If this is a completely new code that does not work, try to close the game and open it again. This will place you on a new server on which there may be an updated assembly of the game, where the code will work!

Where can I get more codes for Wimbleworld?

To find more codes, we will update this wiki with all the last codes, so do not forget to look here more often!

These are all the codes that we have now listed for Roblox Wimbleworld. If you see something that we lack, tell us about this in the comments so that we can add it right now!

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