NDC22, which was full of new attempts and know -how, 79,703 records

This year’s 15th this year, the largest knowledge sharing conference in the domestic game industry, 2022, Nexon Development Zaconus (NDC22) ended up successfully after three days of campaign. The NDC22, which was held for two consecutive years following last year, has once again proved to be a representative game development information exchange by achieving 79,703 cumulative views.

Technology discussion to prepare for a new future, such as blockchain and NFT,

The hot keywords of this NDC22 are by far blockchain and NFT. Nexon attracted attention by unveiling its blockchain game service blueprint for the first time in the keynote lecture. Nexon Kang Dae-hyun, who was in charge of keynote lectures, confirmed the possibility of blockchain technology that has been studied for a long time and presented a long-term plan for the construction of the NFT ecosystem using the Maple Story IP.

This year, the new Metabus & NFT field continued to discuss future technology. In the Meta Bus, Professor Kim Sang-kyun, Kyung Hee University, and NFT, such as Professor Kim Seung-ju of Korea University, were invited to define technology from the game industry and pointed out what elements to consider at this time.

There was also a lecture to share the insights obtained during the actual project operation process. Nexon Korea, Planetarium, and Soon Soon Studio participated in speakers to share their experiences and share their opinions on the direction of change.

NDC22 lecture listeners said in a survey, It helped a lot by explaining complex technologies to the general public. It was an opportunity.

Popularity of lectures with lectures on lectures on game development stories such as , , and

We also attracted attention as well as developing the development secrets and career lectures for the game developers, such as Pracia Electric, Blue Archive, and Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Prasian Electric, which has been wrapped in the veil, has shown a total of 7,704 cumulative views with six related lectures at NDC22. Nexon Games Lee Jung-hee, deputy director of the Blue Archive Scenario, made this lecture, and introduced the process of solving the problems of the 2D scenario production, and recorded 5,064 views, the highest views of NDC2’s session lectures on the first day of NDC2.

Dev Sisters’ global game introduces the role of a technical artist in a 2D game that requires no technology for 3D games. The lecture gained great response by achieving 2,697 views.

In addition, Devcat Lee Seung-jae’s lecture, “ I wish you knew then, ”, which has been appointed as a developer and appointed as a position as a position, has a high consensus for those who have similar concerns and recorded 4,261 views.

NDC22, which has been developed further after holding online for 2 consecutive years

The NDC22, which was held online for two consecutive years following last year, offered all lectures and lowered the participants’ hurdles. Industry workers, as well as job candidates, listened to high-quality lectures without time and physical constraints.

In addition, the NDC Art Exhibition, which was held on the methus platform for the first time on the game-themed exhibition, was successfully completed with more than 10,000 visitors. The Meta Bus Gallery, which exhibits a total of 77 works, embodies the Nexon’s office to enhance the realism, and in addition to the game in addition to the game, the game works are expected to be released.

The exhibition visitors responded by saying, It was difficult to attend offline events for time and distance, but it was convenient to visit the Nexon building and enjoy the exhibition..

Nexon CEO Lee Jung-heon said, Thanks to everyone’s attention and efforts, the event has been successfully completed this year. We will continue to support NDC to provide quality information that can promote the development of games and IT industries. He said.

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