LOL: Riots calculation failure with Seraphine that caused the great criticisms of the community

The launch of Seraphine has gone down in the story of League of Legends as one of the most controversial. Since it was released, the community has accused Riot Games of launching it exclusively to fit the fictional musical group K/da or being too similar to Sona. It doesn’t matter how many times the company denies the facts that players remain in their thirteen. However, the passage of time has redeemed the character, which enjoys much more popularity from which he invited to think . However, this popularity has not reached the position that developers expected.

The ruling with Seraphine who condemned the champion

While League of Legends Ryan Reav3 Mireles playability talked about the difficulties in adapting Legends of Runeterra champions due to the possible similarities in terms of theme, the players reproached him for the situation of Seraphine and Sona. Although defending the differences between both champions, Riot Games employee put a very important nuance on the table to give his explanation. All part of the fundamental idea in the launch, since Seraphine had to be played almost exclusively in the central lane .

Seraphine’s silhouette is sufficiently different from Senna’s. She too She was originally thought to be Mid Laner (…) We have more than one champion who uses a sword and we thought there could be more than one champion who used music. We felt that using the voice was different from a string instrument. We do not explicitly seek that it was an support, that is only what the players have decided. Even if her victory rate is higher in the middle, most people want to play it as support, explained League of Legends playability.

Like seeing that maybe Seraphine was different if she had originally raised for the support position, Mireles continued: It is not that we thought she was never going to play as support, we were happy with that. In our internal tests We had a lot of confidence that she was better as a means than as support , so we expected the players to play it there. We were right in that, but it has been the only case that the large majority of the players have played it in a position in which she is statistically weaker.

The truth is that Ryan Mireles’s reflection is interesting. Although without fully admitting the overlap with sona, the truth is that part of the problem is that both can be replaced too simple by forming in the same position. Currently, almost 62% of League of Legends games in which Seraphine is chosen are in the support role. Some data that were even higher in the past and that led Riot Games to give up with their plan to redirect it to the central line.


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