Apparently, the headless rider will have a reboot

There are many horror franchises that have been remembered for years, among them we can find the classic IT tape, _alien films, Halloween and more tapes that made their own path. However, there was a classic that has remained almost intact today, the legend of Sleepy Hollow, or _The headless rider as it is known in Latam.

Apparently, the franchise is not over, since there is a new agreement of Paramount with Lindsey Beer (Tmnt reboot, Star Trek 4) where you will work in a restart for this Beer franchise will write, It will direct and produce the project with Todd Garner and Spencer Walken by Broken Road Productions as co-producers. Although it is not yet said if it will be series or film.

Sleepy Hollow of Tim Burton became a cult classic but fans began to start in the franchise with the television series that developed between 2013 and 2017 . This takes the story of Ichabod Crane and the headless rider and turned it into a deep myth that involves time travel mysteries, mystical threats and the appearance of recurrent monsters.

Lindsey Beer has been writing for new films focused on ninja turtles, Star Trek, and also Silver saber, the spin-off of _Spider-man. Reason enough to see if at the end of everything the return will be worth it for this spooky saga. Many fans have it among their favorites, so a great quality is expected now that there is a better budget.


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