Jump action JETMAN Released on July 14th. With a simple one -button operation, one bouncing interruption

Domestic developer Montblanc Hatch announced on June 3 that the jump action Jetman will be released on July 14. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch.

Jetman is an action game that defeats enemies with jump attacks. The protagonist of this work is a half android jet created by Dr. Ark. He challenges the battle to stop the ambition of the evil organization, Violetz. This work is operated with one button, and there is no key or stick movement. Instead, you can jump, and you can change the jumping height with the length of the button/key hold. Jump toward the enemy floating in the air and defeat it by slashing.

Since the arrangement of the enemy differs for each battle wave, the capture will be advanced while considering which height can be jumped efficiently. It is not just a big jump repeatedly, and the jet can play a particularly powerful jumping slash at the top of the jump. In order to hit the most powerful attack, it is necessary to adjust the jump at the height of the jumping so that it is just an enemy.

A countdown is displayed next to the enemy, and when it becomes zero, the enemy’s attack hits the jet. Since there are no commands such as avoidance, basically do it before being done is the key to capture. As you go on the stage, there are enemies that move left and right and are difficult to aim for, and enemies that are difficult to adjust the height because it moves up and down. While grasping the characteristics of each of the 50 kinds of enemies in total, you can make a jump that can be efficiently defeated.

When you defeat the enemy, the jet can get JP (junk point). It is possible to strengthen the jet by consuming JP between the stage. It depends on the player, such as raising the amount of damage by attacking, acquiring an auto shield that can prevent enemy attacks by shaking against defense, or increasing the HP. In addition, jets can be equipped with chips that improve their abilities up to four. Chips can be obtained with a clear bonus after defeating the boss.

Developing Jetman is Montblanc Hatch, a domestic developer. In the development of this work, it seems that it takes a year and a half due to solo activities. He said that he produced Jetman as a low-calorie game that aims for just right with a simple operation that can be played with one button and a moderate depth. It is said that this work also has a dedicated mode that can be played after clearing the main story.

Jetman will be released on July 14 for PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch.

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