How to get a skin of a secret combat missile of Indiana Jones in Fortnite

The 3rd season Fortnite Chapter 3 began brilliantly with a new combat pass, which contains not one, but two iconic figures from popular culture. Dart Vader and Indiana Jones are included in the combat pass of the third season of Chapter 3, and the players who bought him will receive a chance to unlock both characters. Like Prowler last season, Indiana Jones became a secret skin for the 3rd season, and fans cannot be patient to get this outfit.

Players can check the Combat Pass tab and select Indiana Jones to check the details. Secret skins are usually revealed in the middle of the season along with a set of quests required to unlock them. Indiana costume Jones will be available in Fortnite 32 days after the update fell, which is counting on July 7, 2022 . The outfit, inspired by Harrison Ford, will include all the bells and whistles that resemble a cult suit from the series.

When will Indian’s quests will appear on Fortnite?

Indiana Jones is a secret skin of combat pass this season, which means that players will need to complete a set of quests to get cosmetics. Players who have bought a military pass will have the opportunity to perform these quests. Fans may expect that Indiana Jones Indiana will appear in the game on July 7, 2022 Complete all quests earlier to get all secret cosmetic objects this season.

All unlocked cosmetic objects of Jones Indiana in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass

So far, only the first page of the secret skins of Battle Pass has been disclosed, but we will update this section as soon as the second page is open. All cosmetics from page 1 are listed as follows:


  • Indiana outfit Jones (Epic)
  • Banner of Indiana Jones (unusual)
  • Tool for collecting reiders relics (rare)
  • Robberry archaeological cape (unusual)
  • Decoration on the back of an expedition bag (epic)

Players thinking about when the 3rd chapter 3 ends, almost three months have to go through the game and earn as many combat stars as possible! It is safe to assume that even with delays the players will have enough time to unlock all cosmetic objects from combat pass this season.

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