Steam deck against? Windows console Loki, from $ 229

With the launch of Steam Deck, a new competitor appears in the gaming UMPC market.

AYN unveiled the basic specifications and prices of the Windows-based Gaming UMPC Loki series, which was announced earlier on the 28th. Both prices and specifications were comparable to the steam deck.

New Ayn Loki: Steam Deck rival?
Loki is available in three models: Loki Mini, which focuses on portable performance, Loki focusing on observed gaming performance, and Loki Max, which has a higher specification and the largest storage size.

Loki Mini is sold for $ 299. The price is sold at $ 100 cheaper than the $ 399 Steam Deck, but gaming performance is expected to be lower than Steam Deck by installing Intel integrated graphics for 12th generation processors in Intel Alter Lake U.

Loki, which has a different price depending on the three doses: 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB, is actually comparable to Steam Deck. All of the devices include AMD Ryzen 5 6600U and Radeon 660m. The steam deck is equipped with a custom chipset for both ZEN2 CPUs and GPUs, making it difficult to compare directly with the commercially available products. However, Steam Deck’s benchmark performance is known between the APU Ryzen3 3200g and Ryzen5 3400g. The basic performance may be better for Loki, but the price is sold for $ 499, 599, and $ 699, respectively. Steam decks, such as Loki, cost 399, 529, and $ 649, respectively.

Rocky Max exists only 512GB of models and is equipped with AMD Ryzen 7 6800U and Radeon 680m. The price is $ 799.

Rocky, which has a similar price and performance with Steam Deck, is the most noticeable OS. Steam decks basically have a steam OS, a valve’s own operating system, but Loki will include Windows in all models. However, other detailed specifications and sizes, functions, and detailed release date will be released later.

Earlier, Valve unveiled a portable game device steam deck to expand the game experience of the game platform. The Steam Deck has been well received for its relatively low performance, additional manipulation, and excellent game execution ability. As a result, several UMPC companies showed a model that lowered the price by half and showed a device that faced the Steam Deck.

Meanwhile, AYN, which unveiled Loki, has introduced the Android-based game console Odin series. This is how high AYN’s first Windows-based gaming UMPC can be released to be released. In addition, as the valve has improved game compatibility according to the steam deck, the chipset that is optimized for the device and the 1280×800 is optimized for the low resolution of the 1280×800.

In addition, as the Steam Deck cannot be purchased in Korea, the interest of the similar price gaming UMPC will be attracted to the Loki. UMPC, as the name of Ultra-Mobile PC, usually refers to a laptop computer, a small X86, X64 architecture PC. Today, however, there are a number of game consoles that have been placed on tablet computers such as smartphones and iPads, and focused on gameplay rather than office work.

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