Sniper Elite 5:n Epic Games

Sniper Elite Series’s latest newcomer did not appear in his publication on Thursday’s Epic Games, as promised.
Sniper Elite 5 was supposed to reach PC players at Steam and Epic.

In the latter, the game was already available for purchase, but not only did the publication ever have received a refund for their purchase.

Sniper Elite 5 - Ten EPIC Ways To Kill Hitler
On Steam and other platforms, the publication has been as planned.
Now the developer has given a concise statement on the subject: Rebellion says that the publication never occurred for reasons beyond their control.
However, sooner or later, the game will be seen in the Epic store as the product page says “Coming Soon”.
More information will be heard soon.
Sniper Elite 5 is available in addition to Steam for PlayStation and Xbox consoles-also directly to Game Pass.
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