A new e -sports discipline has appeared in Russia – tactical three -dimensional battle

On Cybercotted Street, the holiday-the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation officially recognized the new e-sports discipline-“tactical three-dimensional battle”. This was achieved by the Federation of Computer Sports of Russia.

Since May 25 of this year, a new discipline unites several types of programs, among which there are games of the Shooter genre and some three-dimensional action. The following products were included in the list:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
  • Valorant.
  • Rainbow Six: Siege.
  • Warface.
  • Armored Warfare.
  • Overwatch.
  • World of tanks.
  • War Thunder.

What “Armored Warfare” forgot in this list, we do not know on the portal of tactical three-dimensional, but in any case the project that lost popularity was happy.

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Russian President Dmitry Smith said the following:

_ “Official recognition of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation“ Tactical Three-dimensional Boy ”discovers unique new opportunities for the development of professional and mass e-sports throughout Russia. In the near future, this will allow millions of Russians to realize their potential as professional e-sportsmen in these types of programs. Both within the country and in the international arena.

In the near future we plan to include tournaments in the new discipline in the official plan of mass competitions of the FCS of Russia. And we count on new victories and achievements. ”_

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