Minecraft Earth – How to create and melt

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Terre Minecraft wants you to be able to do everything you can do in minecraft,but mixed with the real world in a fun and interesting way. The augmented reality game allows you to explore a version of _minecraft which is superimposed on the real world. You can collect resources, find crowds and animals, and yes, you can make and melt objects.

How to create and melt in Minecraft Earth

To make and melt objects, you must click on the “Create content” button at the center of your screen, indicated in the image above by the red arrow. This will bring you to manufacturing and fusion options.

To create something, just press manufacturing, then select the recipe you want to use. The recipes will become available as you collect resources. If you cannot do much for the moment, head to the resources and collect them by looking for blocks, then by exploiting them until they break. Making objects take time, the more objects have value or complexity, the longer their manufacturing is. For the moment, it is only possible to make an object at a time.

To feel something, click on the foundry tab. Everything works in a similar way to crafts. The recipes become available as you collect more resources, and the items will also have the time to melt. However, these can be much faster than craft objects, as you need so many melting items to integrate them into the game.

It is possible to accelerate the manufacturing and fusion time using ruby, but for the moment, it is better to save them and to familiarize yourself with the game first. You do not want to lose ruby by accelerating the Time required to make an object you don’t need yet.

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