“Fire Emblem Musou Fukuhana Yukizuki” The “new figure” of the students of the black eagle is released at once. Bernadetta is even more cute, and drotea is even more bewitching

On May 20, Koei Tecmo Games released a new video of “Fire Emblem Musou Fuka Hana Snowet”. The “new appearance” of the black eagle class students appearing in the work has been released at once. Characters related to the Adastair Empire seem to be active.

This work is regarded as “another story of your story” against “Fire Emblem Fukuhana Sayuki”, and the characters that appeared in the work appear with different new outfits. It has already been announced that Edelgalt and Hubert will appear as the black eagle classes. This time, Dorotea Ferdinant Bernadetta Caspal Petra Linhardt was released.

In Dorotair, her hat, which was a trademark in the previous work, was removed, her hair was long and glossy. Regarding Ferdinant, her hair is slightly longer and slightly mature. Bernadetta has her bangs, which can be said to be a “symbol of inside,” and makes her feel a change in her emotions.

Caspor has a cut in addition to her hair growth, making her feel her growth. Petra has accessories and has a braid style, enhancing the charm of a Gentile beauty. Linhardt seems to sleep asleep.

The classes of the blue lion (Fergus Holy Kingdom) that appear in this work have been released last week. Both characters seem to be playable. Will the gold deer people be introduced next time? “Fire Emblem Musou Fuka Hana Snowzuki” will be released on June 24 for Nintendo Switch.

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