Details of Troubles – a new game from Russian developers from Cyberia Limited

Today, an unexpected announcement of the new game “Trouble” from the Russian studio Cyberia Limited was unexpected for every1. A few hours ago, a design document was hit by the network, from which you can get a lot of interesting information.

According to the document, the studios are guided by natives of Wargaming, Alawar and Game Insight – producer Alexei Kopsev, project curator and adviser Vyacheslav Makarov and art director Sergei Russians.

According to the team, “Troubles” will be a historical game in the Action-RPG genre. The main character will be Prince Miloslavsky, who will have to perform various types of quest and improve skills, moving along the plot branch. The studio was inspired by games such as Assassin’s Creed and “Witcher 3”. The plans for the product on the consoles of the Xbox and the PlayStation of the last generation include. Some time later, the game will also be released on a PC and consoles of the current generation. After the release, Cyberia Limited plans to support the game through the release of plot additions and the introduction of new characters in network game.

From the Assassin’s Creed series, developers identify an open world, an epic narrative, a combat system, demanded on different types of attacks and combinations, “stealth” and general dynamics. In the “Witcher 3” they distinguish game mechanics (though they do not specify which), the hero development system, a large arsenal with the possibility of craft and improvement and a variety of quests.

According to the roadmap, in the first six months the studio will create the creation of the universe, characters and missions. Over the next six months, key combat mechanics will be identified and implemented, the main content is created, tools are written, the infrastructure has been built and the first playable version has been collected.

A year after the announcement, all combat mechanics will already be introduced and met. The game will be put on balance, and the build will be prepared for target devices. Marketing materials will also be ready. Further, the release announcement for the consoles of the past generation, the implementation of all ideas and the start of sales with further porting the game on the PC.

The whole card is divided into five stages of six months each. The final estimate is $ 20 million. According to pessimistic the “Troubles” forecast for three months after the release is sold in an amount of less than 500,000 copies. In this case, support for the game will be two years, and then the development of a new game will begin.

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Realistic The forecast indicates a million of copies sold for the same period. If it is justified, then the game will receive additional marketing, porting on a PC and two DLCs for the game, which will be allocated for three months of development. Optimistic plan includes one and a half million copies for decades. If the strategy is successful, then the game will receive porting on Nintendo Switch, support for three years and the development of the “new online game”. It is not yet clear, we are talking about multiplayer, which was mentioned earlier, or about a full -fledged independent product.

Details of the gameplay

The events of the game will take place in real or previously existing historical places that will be reconstructed by the authors of the game. The hero will perform a number of tasks from warring camps. To achieve the goals, he will have to use various skills and tactics. Somewhere you need to act unnoticed, but somewhere to go ahead. Cold weapons will be the main means of destroying opponents. Mines, pose charges and firearms will be available as a secondary. Weapons can be improved using gems (inlaid).

The combat system implies a system of combinations that will be activated using two buttons of the gamepad, which must be pressed on time and correctly pressed. Heroes will improve depending on the frequency of using certain combinations of shock.

“Troubles” will not be completely historically reliable. The players will have the opportunity to take part in alternative events that did not occur in reality, but they could happen under certain circumstances.

Locations will not be limited by something specific. The players will visit the open spaces of the fields under the crumas, and in the Shrovetide town near Zaraysk, and on the streets of the Moscow settlement and even visit secret underground passages near Smolensk Kremlin. The locations will be very carefully recreated by designers and artists of the studio.

The plot of “Troubles” will represent several aspects of the conflict, including the army of Ivan Bolotnikov, the first and second Russian militia, the Polish army, the Shuisky army, the army of both False Dmitriyes and Swedish troops.

Important battles will also be reconstructed: the battle of Kromy, the Battle of Zaraysk, the Trinity Siege, the Moscow uprising of 1611, the siege of Smolensk, the Moscow battle of 1612, the defeat of the Tushino camp and the siege of Pskov.

It will not do without key historical personalities. In the game, you can meet Prince Pozharsky, Marina Mnishek, False, Prince Skopin-Shuisky, Princess Ksenia Godunov, Count Jacob Delagardi, Voivode Lyapunov, Khan Urazu Mukhamed and others.

Events will cover the period of troubled time. They plan to divide the plot into nine nonlinear campaigns, and the beginning of the game will be 1601 – the times of Boris Godunov. The adventure will end in 1617-the end of the Russian-Swedish war.

Key fights, like the battles of Prince Miloslavsky against Poles and Swedes, will be fed in the format of battle with enemy bosses, which are no less skilled than a protagonist. To increase entertainment, heroes will be able to use the details of the environment. Of course, it will not do without the robberies of caravans, as well as the protection and assault on the fortresses.

In addition, some missions can be held not only within the framework of the plot campaign, but also to take part in a cooperative PVP mode. But there are no details about him so far.

This is all significant information and the design of the game “Troubles”. Be sure to remember that the studio plans can radically change in the process of working on the project. So we are waiting for fresh news on “Troubles”.

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