The anime is announced “My new maid is very suspicious!” There is a teaser

Another manga of Condu Wakama, known for “Great Jahi doesn’t give up!” Lates the basis of the anime – the queue reached “My new maid is very suspicious!” The first teaser trailer is attached.

Square Enix has published history for two years, at the moment it has five volumes. The plot is simple: the young nobleman Yuri decides to find out what secrets are hidden by his new maid with outstanding forms named Lilith (she was voiced by Takahashi Rie – Megumin from “Konosuba: peace the clergy of this durable world!”).

The same team as a series about Jahi: Silver Link (“Bofuri: I don’t want me to be wounded, so I will put everything in defense”) and Blade, director and screenwriter Minato Mirai and his assistants, as well as composers will take care Fujimoto Kodzhi and Sasaki Osamu. But the design of the characters entrusted the debutant Yoshino Machi.

My Recently Hired Maid Is Suspicious - Official Trailer | AniTV
Broadcast “My new maid is very suspicious!” It will begin in July.

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