Filter images of a possible new silent hill

The last time we listened to something concrete about a Silent Hill game, was in 2014, when p.t. reached the market. Unfortunately, silent Hills was canceled, and the only thing we have seen from the series since then, they have been a couple of tables to skate. However, it seems that this is about to change, since ** a filtration shows us images of what could well be Silent Hill’s next installment.

Through his Twitter account, Dusk Golem, a famous Insider who has revealed accurate information from Resident Evil in the past, shared a series of images that he assures belongs to the next Silent Hill. Although this filtration was eliminated by Konami , this according to Dusk Golem, the content already circulates online.

In the images we can see a corridor with a series of stickers and a monster at the end of the corridor, very much to the p.t. Along with this, we are presented to a girl, which has a face made of stickers, with messages that make it clear that this would be a psychological terror experience. Finally, there are two scenarios that seem to be of a abandoned house. According to Dusk Golem these photos come from 2020.

Outside the girl’s image, they all seem to be in the first person. Although it seems that Konami is responsible for eliminating the original information, which increases the suspicion that this filtration is real , for the moment there is no statement by the Japanese company on this filtration.

Recall that the rumors of a new Silent Hill, or several, have been circulating in recent months. Some have mentioned that Konami is in charge of this project , others have indicated that it is Bloober Team, or even Kojima Productions, with an exclusivity for the PS5.

In related issues, here you can learn more about the alleged return of the series. Similarly, Fan has become the owner of the official domain of Silent Hill.

P.T. / Silent Hills Concept Movie - TGS 2014

Editor’s note:

In the event that Silent Hill is back, these first images look promising. Although there is clearly an inspiration in p.t. and resident Evil 7, the idea of having a new AAA horror game with a psychological approach is something that fans have been waiting for years.

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