All Faids abilities in Apex Legends Mobile

Ignasio Uamani, or Faid, is the first of many mobile legends in Apex Legends Mobile. This means that although Faid can be represented by the franchise as a whole later, while it will be available only in Apex Legends Mobile. As in the case of Legends in the main game, FADE has three special abilities: passive, tactical and ultimate. Faid’s abilities rotate around time, space and gradual appearance and exit from it. Here are all Fade’s abilities in Apex Legends Mobile.

Passive: sliding stream

When Faid is successfully slipping, he receives a temporary increase in the speed of movement at the end.

Tactics: memory

How To Apex Legends Mobile New Legend Fade
Fade can move back through another measurement in the previous place where it was.

ultimate: phase camera

Inside the Faid’s costume there is a kernel of activators that he uses for phasing, but for his ultimate he takes one and throws it. He will explode and for a few seconds will force everyone he hit in the phase. During the phase camera, players cannot apply or receive damage.

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