Top Gun 2: Maverick in film criticism: unexpectedly great cinema blockbuster – the action

I want to clarify at the beginning: Until three days ago, I never saw the action classic published in 1986 “Top Gun – you fear neither death nor Teufel“. On the one hand, I’m not a big fan of Tom Cruise. Yes, I liked “Mission Impossible” as a little young super -glory. His deflected performance in “tropic Thunder” is an exhilarating memory, but I just can’t really do the actor (no hate). So I have made a wide range of all cruise classics all my life. On the other hand, there are war films, particularly glorifying, absolutely not my thing. I would rather use the masterful anti-war film “apocalypse Now” every evening of my life than for patriotism films such as “american sniper” or “Black hawk down”.

But, now I was, with an upcoming press demonstration, on a movie that was zero zero. And then also with Tom Cruise-Au Backe… Why “Top Gun: Maverick” has given me one of the best cinema experiences for a while without relying on nostalgia tools such as “Spider-Man: No Way Home” And umpteen other blockbusters, what makes the cinema strip so great and why everyone should watch?

We will clarify all of this here and now in our film criticism for the action flight film by director Joseph Kosinski (“oblivion“, “tron: Legacy“), the from May 26th through the German cinema landscape – and hopefully clear traces leaves.


  1. 1 -hard bowl, soft core: kitsch, charm and love of men
  2. 2wieder over the clouds: as if everything were old
  3. 3 “I feel the need… The need for speed!”

hard shell, soft core: kitsch, charm and love of men

The original didn’t hew me completely out of my socks, but I have to admit: What Tony Scott (“true romance“, “déjà vu“) Since 1986 conjured up on the screen is so much more than cheap military propaganda. For whom this statement is now surprising, an interesting fact: At that time, the US military actually set up catch stations in cinemas all over the United States to pick out people from the adrenaline -filled audience immediately after the credits and to win for the military – today (especially here in Germany) unimaginable.

If you then look at the many classics of the 1980s that have unsuccessfully tried to establish themselves in modern times, then you will find a very queasy when thinking about Top Gun 2. How it turns out at the latest 30 minutes after the start of the press demonstration: perfect wrongly! Most cinema classics can only dream of such a sequel.

Top Gun Maverick | Full Movie HD Facts | Tom Cruise | Miles Teller | Jennifer Connelly, Joseph

again over the clouds: as if everything was old

“I feel the need… the need for speed!”

Top Gun 2: Maverick is deep in the 1980s, stands with a proud chest, and does not try to weave a deeper level at all. Nobody is really impressive here either, the entire story is played down by the Cast collective at the “Solid” level, nothing more and nothing less. While Tom Cruise is still at the top of this project, Miles plates seems striking pale again in recent years. His masterly performance in “Whiplash”, one of my absolute favorite films, remains his distant climax.

And if you ask yourself: “Do you need top gun 2 at all?”, I can say: alone for the fact that more people find out – like me! -that Top Gun is much more than just a military lover in moving image. The story of then as now is an excellent action trip through kitschy, stirring and loving cinema. The most important difference is, Top Gun 2 is a completely different force. With the means of today’s cinema for today’s cinema. Please watch exactly there!

Top Gun 2: Maverick will run in German cinemas from May 26th. You can watch the second part without any prior knowledge, but in a double pack, the flight adventure with Tom Cruise cuts a twice and triple good figure! Write us in the comments on how you stand too Top Gun, Military Films and Tom Cruise. And if you have already seen TOP GUN 2, please share your opinion in the comment section – please spoiler -free!

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