Rare and obsidian could be about to announce new IP addresses this week

Rare and obsidian developers could prepare to announce new IP addresses during the annual celebration of all things on Xbox, X019, by Microsoft, according to a tweet by Niko Partners senior analyst, Daniel Ahmad.

Unfortunately, Ahmad did not give too much details on what one or the other intellectual property could be. Given the history of rare games and their crucial role to play alongside Microsoft for several years, the nature of the IP is difficult to guess for the moment. They could launch a project similar to _Mer des thieves,presenting a different environment with a brand new adventurous mechanics and focused on the group.

Obsidian, who recently published The external worlds in November 2018, Microsoft acquired Microsoft under the leadership of Xbox Game Studios.

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Earlier this year, in February, the CEO of Obsidian, Feargus Urquhart, shared with Game informing how they had several teams working on various projects. They had one on t Les external worlds, another works on their fantastic RPG Piliers de l’Eternité and another DIY on a non -disclosed title. At the time, the piliers of Eternity and the unknown project team were smaller than those working on the external worlds. The X019 marking the first anniversary of the acquisition of the company by Microsoft, it could be appropriate to make an official announcement concerning the non -disclosed project.

The next generation of the Microsoft console, currently known as Project Scarlett, should be released in winter 2020. We could see rare approaching the scene with a project intended to serve as a launch title at the platform, All the more Mer des thieves has become a must of the Xbox Game Pass. It would be logical that rare advance with an original idea to help launch the next Microsoft console.

We will learn more details during X019, which will take place from November 14 to 16. Look at it online from the Microsoft website. Mix, youtube, or tic pages.

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