[Exclusive] Netmarble F & C absorption of The Banshee pixel cruise development personnel

Netmarble subsidiary Netmarble F & C acquired Pixel Cruise’s development personnel and assets. In the future, Netmarble F & C will be speeding up the main businesses of Netmarble F & C.

According to the game industry on the 11th, Netmarble F & C (CEO Seo Woo -won) absorbed the development personnel of Pixel Cruise (CEO Kim Min -kyu) affiliated with Line Games (CEO Kim Min -kyu) earlier this month and distributed them to their major projects.

NeoPixel Proffie Banshee Unboxing - Crimson Dawn

Founded in January 2019, Pixel Cruise is a game company led by Chu Ji -yeon, who served as vice president of Next Floor, the predecessor of Line Games. Last year, the mobile game ‘Guardian Chronicle’ was launched last year and was developing the PC -based action game ‘The Banshee’ as the next film. Since then, it has been found that Netmarble F & C has secured pixel cruise manpower due to internal circumstances such as funds. In the case of the Banshee, the possibility of launch is expected to be released later.

Line Games said, “We have been conducting various discussions over the direction of project development, and we have made a decision to move development personnel after consultation.” Netmarble officials also said, “We are discussing various plans for pixel cruise assets for the growth strategy of Netmarble F & C.”

Meanwhile, Netmarble F & C is a subsidiary that is in the ‘Two Track’, the Meta Bus and P2E game business with its headquarters Netmarble. Based on the blockchain platform ‘Cube’, the company aims to build a metanomic infrastructure that encompasses content, commerce, digital human, cryptocurrency, and wallet service such as games, webtoons and web novels.

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