All helmets amplifiers in Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors

Obtaining a better helmet than the one you appear in was never more useful in Apex Legends than now. This is an ideal storm of shots in the head for some of the most deadly types of weapons, including crab, which were reduced, and helmets received a significant positive effect at all levels higher than the base white general helmet of the 1st level. Let’s take a look.

All amplifiers for helmets of the 13th season

  • [Buff ↑] Reducing damage from shots for rare blue helmets now is now 50% (previously 40%).
  • [Buff ↑] decreasing damage from shots to the head for epic purple helmets of the 3rd level now is now 65 % (previously 50 %).
  • [Buff ↑] Reducing damage from shots to the head for the legendary gold helmets of the 4th level is now 65% (previously 50%).

It is also important to note that the good protection of the helmet on fortified characters is much more important, now that the fortified ones no longer help against shots. These helmets now really save life or death, especially in rating leagues. Be sure to collect or create it as soon as possible in the game.

Apex Legends Season 13 Saviors Patch Notes Full
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