Mario vs. Link vs. Gandhi: YouTuber Kürs the strongest gaming

Since times, video game fans have been discussing which of your favorite heroes is probably the strongest. A Youtuber has now found a way to finally clarify this difficult question. Link, the dragon blood from Skyrim, Super Mario, Gandhi and many more compete against each other in a struggle for life and death.

Mario Vs Link Vs Megaman Vs Bomberman BATTLE ROYAL!

GTA, Zelda or Skyrim? Which game has the strongest hero?

Even in a game like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, too many iconic heroes are still missing. The YouTuber Dougdoug therefore uses artificial intelligence to clarify the question about the strongest gaming character . First of all, an introduction writes that explains who the fighters are and with which weapons they compete. Then the AI of the Novelai and Inferkit website takes over, which then continues the history of the duel.

The duels of the first round are:

  • Super Mario vs. Master Chief from Halo

  • Ryu from Street Fighter vs. Link from the Legend of Zelda

  • Gandhi from Civilization vs. Steve from Minecraft

  • The dragon blood from Skyrim vs. Doomguy from Doom

  • Senator Armstrong from Metal Gear Rising: Reven Geace vs. Trevor from GTA 5

  • Sonic vs. Kirby

  • Sans from undertale vs. Matt from Wii Sports

  • Snake from Metal Gear vs. Kratos from God of War

In the video you can watch yourself, how the duels go out . However, both the text and the retelling are in English.

Ki writes the craziest video game struggles

The AI who is responsible for the course of the fights, is absolutely unpredictable . This creates many crazy and funny situations in which Gandhi, for example, develops a laser view or Ryus Hadouken turns against himself. At the same time, it also expands the fights with complex (and confusing) background stories of the fighters.

Spoiler for the outcome of the video! Ultimately, the harmless -looking Kirby prevails in the tournament. The AI probably sees him a merciless killer machine that doesn’t stop at anything and nobody.

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