Blas concert in the intermediate country: Barde delights other players in Elden Ring with music

Like any from software game, Elden Ring is a sea of curiosities and creative ideas of the community: some defeat the bosses with a dance mat, others end the game without running, jumping or avoiding. Still others turn naked and only with a saucepan on the head into legendary helpers.

And then there is the Reddit user FATG0D, who can be summoned with a very special weapon and a chic outfit in the worlds of other players – to give a wind concert ! As a bard , he now makes the intermediate uncertain and is even paid for his small concerts.

because he is the hero that the intermediate country deserves

The musical stained first divided his crazy idea on Reddit, he uploaded a longer version on his YouTube channel. Attentive Witcher fans will already discover two indications of the inspiration of the bard: The name “Tossarune2urbard” is clearly an allusion to the song “Toss a Coin to your Witcher” from the Witcher Netflix series.

In addition, a very special song plays at the beginning of the YouTube video, namely “Evening in the Tavern” from the first Witcher game. In the comments under his Reddit Thread, FATG0D confirms our guess: _ “” you know, my whole aesthetics is based on a knight’s spur, the clown outfit with the hat and such. Even the name is a reference to a song in the series. It has just been really felt to use music from The Witcher. “_

Rittersporn, the famous bard from the Witcher universe, would certainly be proud of his Elden ring representative: In the video mentioned, FATG0D travels through the entire Zwischenland , always armed with the trots of the white-wrapped turbochargers that are in the Capital Lenydell frolicking.

With his musical interludes, he brings numerous bosses to the track and gives concerts to the best: He also comes up with the worlds of other players and delights other players with their musical interludes. It is certainly a matter of taste whether you like the sounds of the golden trumpets – the appearances of the bard are always entertaining.

Elden Ring - Song of Lament (Gingertail Cover)

And in order to make the role -playing game of the musical intruder perfect, numerous affected players react appropriately to his concerts: some sit down and listen to others, the others applaud and many stained the bards even with items and rune as thanks for the musical performance. The soul community can be really proud of its creative minds.

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