Only 50 euros! The full Pokemon GO festival

Oh, Lol, apparently Pokémon Go people are currently very funny and also very profit -oriented. This conclusion draws at least the fans of Pokémon GO, if you look at the recently announced prices for the Pokémon Go Fest 2022 in Berlin. Not only will at least 24.99 euros for one day access to the event site in Berlin Britzer Garden due. You can also snap the early access option for 32.13 euros to get to the site two hours earlier. And then you can shop two add-on tickets with bonuses for 10.06 euros each. After all, they are active over the entire event, i.e. from July 1 to 3, 2022 and not just in the Britzer Garden. Overall, you can bang Niantic a whopping 52.25 euros on the table. Oh… plus about 15 euros if you still want the ticket for the online Pokémon GO festival in June 2022…

is the Pokémon Go Fest Berlin price justified?!

So, one thing in advance: whether you want to go to the event or not whether you treat yourself to a ticket or not whether you may have the addons or not, these are all decisions that you have to make.

You don’t have to, but you can do everything.

Here is the overview of what the two ticket options for the Pokémon Go Fest event in Berlin at all. As a reminder: The difference between the normal ticket for 24.99 euros and the early access ticket for 32.13 euros is only that you use Early Access from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Event area Britzer Garten can. Normalos are only allowed in from 11:00 a.m. So what do you get?

* Special research in the Britzer Garden, for which an encounter with the Zenit shape of Shaymin waves
* Event field research tasks
* Opportunities for Shiny Grillmak and Shiny Tarnpignon during the event
* Exclusive special edition of the Pokémon Go Fest 2022-T-shirts
* Autograph sessions with popular content creators
* Four different habitats, two of which will only exist at the event in Berlin, as well as associated collector challenges and great Pokémon encounters:
* Electric garden: Hisui-Voltobal, Wadribie, Tarnpignon, Eguana and other Pokémon
* Windy coast: Barschwa, Perlu, Sodamak, Fleknoil and other Pokémon
* Living meadow: Galar-Ponita, Sichlor, Yanma, Vegimak and other Pokémon
* Melted rock: coconutone, grillmak, gravel, flamp and other Pokémon
* Up to 6 special exchanges, less star dust per exchange during the event period, exchange station on the event area
* Combat arena for fighting against other coaches
* Surprising encounters on snapshots

We do not want to forget that you also get “lots of fun with the Pokémon and the other coaches”. As if you would buy access to one of the best days of your life with 100 percent certainty! Well, Niantic stops.

ha, since we are already at “stop”, are we adding a “stop”?

So there are the two ticket options that are valid for the selected duration for one day. And then there are the so -called addons, which will be activated from July 1 to 3, 2022.

Add-on for RAID enthusiasts (+ € 10.06): * With this add-on you get up to 12 additional raid passes from arenas per day, 5,000 additional EP after each successful RAID fight, 6 Additional candy and 3 additional XL candies for catching the Pokémon from RAID fights of level 5.
add-on for breeders (+ 10.06 €): * With this add-on, eggs slip four times as fast (not combinable with similar bonuses) and you get twice as many EP, twice as many candies and twice that way A lot of sterbust dust for the hatching of eggs.

These are the apparent “pay2win options” because you then earn a little more XP or candies under certain conditions. The effects are not really blatant, and they may be a bit expensive for that. Or, not together with the access ticket for the Pokémon Go Fest in Berlin?

Niantic’s people naturally expect many players from other cities or even other countries who want to participate in the Pokémon Go. Say: Many coaches already give money for arrival and possibly still for accommodation. That sounds stupid now, but then 25+ euros are still important – or even the complete package for 52.25 euros – if you Consider that visits to museum or culturally similarly knitted activities for a weekend can also go quickly and strongly? What do you think of the pricing for the tickets of the Pokémon Go Festival in Berlin at the beginning of July (not to be confused with the online Pokémon Go Fest 2022 in June 2022!).

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