Nintendo Switch: Last chance of over 1,000 special offers in the Spring Sale [advertisement]

The Nintendo Eshop launched the big Spring Sale last week, with over 1,000 special offers for Nintendo Switch. Directly at the start of the campaign we introduced you to ten highlights in a first article . On May 8th, i.e. on Sunday, the Spring Sale is now coming to an end. Finally, in this article we will present you again ten particularly worthwhile special offers. If you prefer to rummage through all deals, you will find the overview here:

Nintendo Eshop Spring Sale: Over 1,000 offers for Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch: Big Spring Sale started with over 1,000 offers [Advertisement]


Immortals fenyx rising

The Open World game Immortals Fenyx Rising sends us into a world inspired by the Greek mythology in which we are supposed to help the gods in the fight against a nasty fire demon. In addition to swords and sheets, various gods are also available to us, which we will be awarded during our trip. The world consists of four regions, each of which is subordinate to a god and, accordingly, differ in terms of scenic and architecturally. Due to the mixture of struggle and exploration as well as through the many clever puzzles, which we encounter in the dungeons, the gameplay is strongly reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Immortals Fenyx Rising instead of € 59.99 for € 19.79 in the Nintendo Eshop

Ni no Kuni: The curse of the white queen

In Ni no Kuni: The curse of the white queen we play the young Oliver, who has to travel to a foreign fantasy world to save his mother. To do this, he has to record it on monsters with an evil magician and host, but can at least count on the help of his companions who join him on his journey. In addition, Oliver develops magical skills even over time. In the fights, the JRPG relies on a mixture of real time and round tactics: we can move freely, but as soon as we choose an action, freezes the time. In addition to the battles, we have to solve puzzles for which we sometimes have to travel between the worlds.

Ni no Kuni: The curse of the White Queen instead of € 59.99 for € 9.59 in the Nintendo Eshop

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The action role-playing game The Witcher 3 is still considered the scale on which other representatives of the genre have to be measured. This is partly due to the huge game world with its dark, atmospheric species design. However, the many exciting stories that we encounter here are even more important. Even apparently small side quests in The Witcher 3 often have exciting twists and tricky moral decisions. The gameplay not only consists of fast -paced battles against partly huge monsters, but also shows elements of a detective base: With the help of his witchinine, Geralt from Riva has to track down the monsters before he can do it.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt instead of € 39.99 for € 19.99 in the Nintendo Eshop

Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania brings back the game feeling of the early parts of the famous 2D Jump & Run series, but in a modernized version. Visually, it looks confusingly similar to the originals at first glance, but on closer inspection, the many new details, the much more fluid animations and the new cutscenes are noticeable. We essentially get a best of the most popular elements from Sonic 1 to 3, enriched with some new ideas. Some of the levels from the classics are also contained in a revised form, with skills from Sonic 3 in Levels from Sonic 1. As in the originals, the level of difficulty is quite high in comparison to modern Jump & Runs.

Sonic Mania - console - Nintendo Switch Lite - gameplay

Sonic Mania instead of € 19.99 for € 9.99 in the Nintendo eShop

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

The Spyro Reignited Trilogy contains all three parts of the Jump & Run classic in a technically from scratch. Due to the contemporary, many details and improved animations enriched presentation, the brightly colored, fairytale worlds come into its own much better than in the original. The gameplay, on the other hand, has hardly changed, but still works very well: As a small dragon Spyro, we float through creatively designed levels and roasts with our flame breathing or simply run it over the pile. The level of difficulty is comparatively low, which has to do with the fact that the control in the new edition works much more precisely.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy instead of € 39.99 for € 19.99 in the Nintendo Eshop

Death’s Door

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