Black Desert Mobile, Linkage and Thermal Fighting Fighting Awakening Yacha

On the 3rd, Pearl Abyss will update the awakening class “Yacha” on the Black Desert Mobile and hold a commemorative event. ‘Yacha’ is a new awakening class that uses main weapons and auxiliary weapons, and has a bitter attack power that focuses firepower instantaneously in connection with ‘Bok -horn’.

Black Desert Mobile will hold the ‘Daily Training of Yacha’ to commemorate the launch of Yacha until 9 am on the 17th. By completing the request to defeat the game and kill the enemy every day, you can get up to 750,000 integers of magic and 15 scrolls of lucky. Depending on the cumulative number of missions, you will also receive 3 kinds of ancient rating equipment, the axis of chaos, and 1,000 black pearls.

New and return user events are also held. By 9:00 am on June 28, you can get reinforcement equipment and materials, and you can produce a chaos -rating helmet by collecting all three rewards.

In May of May, a total of 5 missions will be achieved during the 5th day, ‘Children’s Day Event’, which provides 400 Black Pearl and ‘Children’s Day Amusement Garden Pass’, and up to 400 Black Pearl on the 8th. There is also a ‘Mother’s Day Event’ where you can receive.

Lastly, a partnership event with Timon will be held before the second week of May. The player can obtain an ancient grade main weapon selection box and ancient grade jewelry box according to the ‘Timon Token’ retention that can be obtained through hunting in the Black Desert Mobile. In addition, by the end of the event, 20,000 users who have the most Timon tokens and 10,000 out of the selected users will be paid to 30,000 Timon 10,000 won.

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