CFO Schippers: Gladbach does not have to sell players

According to CFO Stephan Schippers, Borussia Mönchengladbach has so far been “with a blue eye” through the Corona crisis. “We don’t have to sell a player out of economic constraints,” Schippers told the kicker.

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After loss in the range of 16 million euros in the 2020 financial year, Schippers wants to “present a slightly better result” at the general meeting on May 30th. A minus of around 14 million euros is to be expected.

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Because of the pandemic, the equity of 103 million euros “reduced to around 72 million euros,” said Schippers: “That hurts, no question, and yet it can be said that we can with a minus of 30 million euros for two corona years in the league comparison could achieve a pretty good result. ” The Borussia is “not rich, but healthy,” added the 54-year-old.

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