Sifu trailer presents new difficulty modes

SIFU Sloclap developers recently shared a road map that showed what is planned for the game during the rest of the year. That road map began with an update planned for May in which players would have difficulty modes to choose depending on how difficult the game would be. The update that continues with these difficulty configurations and more will be launched on May 3, Sloclap said, and before its launch, a new advance was launched to see how those different modes of difficulty will be compared to each other.

The three levels of difficulty that will be added in the May 3 update are “student”, “disciple” and “teacher.” The disciple difficulty represents the baseline sifu experience, so although this update will greatly attract those who wanted to have an option to do a little easier in parts or in general, you will also have the opportunity to make it more challenging The level of teacher difficulty.

The previous views of each of those modes of difficulty can be seen below together with the advance that shows them.

SIFU Difficulty options


  • An easier level of difficulty, for players who want a more indulgent but challenging experience.
  • Your character has more health and ages slower, enemies are less aggressive and fight with simplified combos.

Sifu | Difficulty Settings Preview | PS4, PS5 & PC


  • The classic sifu experience, for players who want to enjoy the original game level of the game.

Master’s degree

  • A more difficult difficulty level for experienced players who want an even more challenging experience.
  • Your character is more vulnerable, enemies are relentless and fight with more intricate patterns.

The trailer of these new difficulty configurations specified that the bosses would also adopt new patterns at the master level, so if you have a favorite boss against whom you already love to play, you can expect a different type of challenge when playing against them in that stage.

For those who want to address this highest level of difficulty, they will also have a new function of “advanced training” in which to participate within this next update, to prepare them for Master. An outfit selector will also arrive in the same update with more planned characteristics during the rest of the year in summer updates, autumn and winter.

de sifu spring update with the new modes of difficulty and more releases on May 3.

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