TFT: Argentino Altenahue arrives on the third day and looks for the Teamfight Tactics championship

The second day of the TFT World Cup ends, where the players’ performance was noticed from the first lobby, watching great plays inside the board and to denote who will play on the last day for the title of the top world champion, the Latin representation continues Standing with Nahuel “Q1g Altenahue” Salazar and “Cha Simpdemegumin” looking for the World Media.

The first lobby within group A we saw Megumin with a reroat of Tryndamere with 6 duelists that allowed him to obtain the 3rd place, in the second and third lobby the Peruvian player did not go so well Falling in the 8th place in both, however, things improved in the room because it would get a top 1 in the fourth game, although the performance of the Peru player did not work in the best way for the last two lobby falling without the possibility of advancing on the last day.

On the other hand in group B Altenahue began with a top 2 in the first lobby, then you would get a double top 3 in heading 2 and 3, in the fourth lobby it would fall to the sixth place but you would get recovered In another top 6 within the fifth game, with all that the Argentine player would already have assured the top 8 of the world that would give progress to reach the final phase of the World Cup, demonstrating that he has many possibilities of stealing the title.

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The performance of the Latin players to demonstrated a great caliber to be able to achieve this achievement in their career, both Megumin and Altenohue gave their best to reach these instances but luck was not next to the Peruvian player making him fall but leaving the baton and the hopes of the entire region in Nahuel Salazar aka ALTE , who will have a last chance to be crowned as the best Teamfight Tactics player of the world.

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