Nexon Crazy Arcade proceeds with the animal protection campaign

Nexon (CEO Lee Jung -heon) will collaborate with the Animal Freedom Solidarity (CEO Hee -kyung Cho) to hold the animal protection campaign ‘Save D. Earth’, which is linked to the contents in the online casual game ‘Crazy Arcade’.

The campaign will continue until June 1 to raise awareness of animal life value and to convey animal protection messages easily and fun through games.

First, three new maps ‘Save Des’ will be added. If Rodumani has a poached tocoucan, desert fox, and half -material with balloons, one point is one point, and animals can be burned in the hot air balloon rescue ship. do.

There will also be a user event that pays various rewards during this period. In three new maps, they will present TokoCuccan bags, Desert Fox Hats, and Half Water Cumbers slot. In addition, the event page provides 300 specialized water balloons and ‘Nexon Cash’ 2,000 won for users who have created a message for animal protection on the event page.

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Nexon Min Sang -joon said, “We hope that the campaign linked to the game will make it easier and more fun to recognize animal protection, and will also express the interest of users in pet culture and organic animals.”

For more information on the ‘Save Diss’ campaign, please visit the official website and event page.

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