Pokemon Go can you exchange Pokemon back to people?

In Pokemon Go, the trade with Pokemon is a practical way to expand your list. However, what happens if you want to replace Pokemon with someone after trading has been completed? This question has a relatively simple answer and may not be the answer you are looking for.

can you replace Pokemon Go?

HOW TO TRADE in Pokemon GO - POKEMON GO Trading Update

You cannot replace Pokémon as soon as you have been exchanged in Pokemon Go. Although there are some reasons why you want to replace Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you cannot do this. The developer Niantic has also not indicated that this will be a feature in the future. The likely problems come from some of the other mechanics that could be misused if players were able to exchange Pokémon.

Reasons why you can’t replace Pokemon Go

  • Abuse of the IV system (Rolling Perfect IV)

  • Misuse of the happiness system (increase in happiness)
  • Misuse of the candy system (free candy)
  • Could create a way to sell Pokedex entries

With the current systems, you could effectively abuse the candy system for free sweets by exchanging Pokemon more than once. The happiness and IV system could possibly also be misused if this were a function in the game. It is even more important that you could effectively sell Pokedex entries if trading was possible back and forth.

The bottom line no, you can no longer act Pokémon at Pokemon Go. So if you want to do a trade in the game, make sure that you are willing to do this for keeper.

Pokemon Go is currently available for all common mobile devices. Attack of the Fanboy has an extensive catalog from Pokemon Go Guides if you are looking for further tips and tricks for the game.

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