Launching early reading, Umamusume domestic service pre -booking start

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Cacao Games was launched by the Umamusume Pretty Derby (Uhimmusume), which was priced in Korea this year. Domestic release schedules are not yet disclosed, but it seems that the reservation that can be prepared at the service preparation is expected to meet as long as the reservation is started.

Cacao Games began 26th Umamusume Dictionary reservations. Umamusome is a mobile fostering game that is a girl who modeled the race of Gyeongju, and a game between Japan’s game is developed and released in Japan last year. I have a sticky.

Since then, Kakao Games has signed a contract with the Games and Umamusume domestic service contract in March, and Umamusome has been exhibited in Jista last year. However, there was no news related to the launch of the first year after the announcement of the domestic service, but the pre-reservation will be started on the 26th and showed a full-fledged movement.

Meanwhile, Between Games said that Umamusome is provided to Google Play Games in March. Google Play Games is the official app player provided by Google to enjoy Android Mobile Games on your PC. Google Play Games itself has been tested in Korea since January, but the Umamusume Domestic Version is also not available.

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